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High-Decibel Siren

Sends a clear message to intruders

Sleep easier knowing your system can alert if there is trouble in your home

Another component to consider when choosing a home security system is the high-decibel siren. This central piece of equipment is important because it must send a clear message to intruders (get out!) while also alerting you, your family and neighbors that there is trouble in your home.

The siren offered by Protect Your Home emits a high decibel sound, so you will not miss it if your equipment you purchase from Protect Your Home, is yours to keep. Yes. You own it from day one.

If you have a family, or if you live alone, it is important to have a plan in place for if your siren is activated. Discuss safe locations and evacuation routes for your children in case of an emergency.

With your high decibel alarm in place, you can sleep easier knowing that you have the added protection of knowing if someone enters your home. Plus, you have the security of knowing that while you travel, the siren is helping to protect your home from intruders who have targeted your house.

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