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Home Security Equipment: Overview

The latest in home security technology meets the power of ADT® monitoring

Why would you trust anyone else to help protect your home?

When choosing a security system for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you start with the essentials, the equipment that makes up the core of your system and helps protect the most vulnerable areas of your home. Security Equipment includes a motion detector, touchpad with emergency call buttons, iconic ADT lawn sign, intimidating high-decibel siren and window/door sensors.

Next, you should think about your own unique needs. For example, do you want the convenience of being able to arm or disarm your system from outside your door? Would you like the security of having a panic button that activates your alarm instantly? Then you may want to consider a keychain remote.

Finally, make sure you get the advice of an experienced and professional technician to help you design a system that's perfect for you. Protect Your Home Technicians are trained on the best ways to help secure a home. They will always spend the time it takes to make sure the job is done right, your questions are answered and that you feel more secure with your new system.

We want to be sure that you have a high-tech and robust system that will help your family stay safe and sleep easier at night. That's why we've made all of the following equipment available to you. Your system from Protect Your Home may include:


  1. Digital Touchpad - Includes buttons for police and fire emergency services, so you get the help you need faster.
  2. Wireless Keychain Remote - Allows you to arm and disarm your system with the press of a button. Keep it on your nightstand when you sleep for extra security.
  3. Wireless Window/Door Sensors - Activates your system if someone tries to enter your home through a window or door.
  4. PIR Motion Detector - Uses body heat to detect if anyone is present, and can be calibrated to ignore pets up to 40 lbs.
  5. Lawn Sign and Window Decal - Makes intruders think twice about entering your home.
  6. High-Decibel Alarm Indoor Siren - Emits a sound intended to scare burglars and alert you to a break-in immediately.
  7. Power Supply and 24 Hour Battery - Keeps your system working even in a disaster or power outage.


Remember, no alarm system is complete without 24/7 ADT monitoring. With four monitoring centers located across the U.S., ADT is the country's #1 choice in home monitoring. Call today to schedule an appointment with a technician who can help you design the right ADT monitored security system for your home.