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ADT Monitored Home Security Systems in New Brighton, Minnesota

New Brighton Crime

A burglary happens   every 14.4seconds in the United States  

Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of a Burglary in New Brighton, MN

If you're a resident of New Brighton and are interested in purchasing a new home security system, read the facts below to be better-informed. In 2011, the total population of the city was 21,622. The population of New Brighton grew 3.5% since 2008, whereas crime declined 10.4% excluding forcible rape. Property crime rates dropped 11.6% from 2008 levels, driving down overall crime, while violent crime rates rose 22.7%. Much of the rise in violent crime in the city was due to aggravated assault, which grew 30.8%. Aggravated assault is defined by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program as an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury.

Annual Crime Rates in New Brighton, Minnesota

One in 43 residents of New Brighton was a victim of a property crime in 2011, making the risk of property crime in New Brighton higher than Minnesota overall. One in 56 residents was a victim of larceny theft, in particular. In the city today, there is a greater chance of being affected by a property crime than in 2010, when one in 37 residents fell victim to property crime. In 2011, one in 39 Minnesota residents fell victim to property crime. Across the U.S., one in 34 people was a victim of property crime in 2011. New Brighton's crime numbers make a strong case for its residents to protect their homes and their families from harm. Don't make the tragic mistake of waiting for the worst. Prepare beforehand, and make an investment in the home security system that will ensure you don't become a statistic. Having a monitored security system in your home can help protect you and your family all day, every day.

New Brighton, Minnesota

City information

About two-thirds of households in the city are families with an average family size of 2.9 people per household. 67.4% of New Brighton properties are owned by the resident. The average age of residents in the city is 41, which is older than both the state of Minnesota and the U.S. overall averages, both of which are 37. About 17.7% of the population in New Brighton are elderly, which is more than the U.S. average, and around 28.3% of households in New Brighton have a senior resident. 48.3% of the total population in the city are male, and 51.7% are female. Children less than 18 years old represent about a fifth of the population, which is more than the national average. With 4,536 minors residing in the city, the male-female distribution is about equal. In New Brighton, about 5.9% of properties are vacant, which is lower than the national average.


Recent crime in New Brighton, Minnesota, found two homeowners who told New Brighton Department of Public Safety officers that the suspects entered through a back door that was unlocked and then stole several items. The police later issued a warning to local citizens that more than 60 percent of burglaries happen because of unlocked garage or house doors and to be more vigilant in checking that all doors are secure. Back in July, 2012, several gun shops in the metro area left owners upset after a number of burglaries. In New Brighton, a shotgun and seven assault rifles were taken. The Deputy Director of the New Brighton Police Department stated that his hunch was that those guns were not likely in legitimate hands. When a bunch of guns are taken in the middle of the night, they usually end up on the Black Market in the underworld, are traded for cash, and there is no tracing of who has them or what they are being used for. With few leads to aid Federal agents, the government offered a reward in hopes of getting the public’s help. Meanwhile, the owner offered his own reward for the capture and conviction of the thieves. He also put in a surveillance system and updated his alarms in the hopes of stopping burglars from returning. (Source: Minnesota CBS. November 2, 2012)

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Security Benefits

May be Elegible for Homeowner Insurance Discount

Homeowners Insurance

Did you know? {0} are so effective that many homeowners insurance providers offer discounts to policyholders with security systems. By having an ADT-monitored security system installed in your home, you may be able to save on your homeowners insurance premiums. That's money back in your wallet!

ADT Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with ADT's {0} monitoring service within the first six months of becoming an ADT customer, ADT will make every attempt possible to make it right, or you'll receive your installation charge and monitoring fees back (certain restrictions apply).

ADT Theft Protection Guarantee

Theft Protection Guarantee

ADT is so confident in the quality of their monitoring services, that if your home is broken into while your system is armed, ADT will pay up to $500 of your homeowners insurance deductible (certain restrictions apply).

Burglaries Cost More than You Think

As a victim of a home break-in or burglary, you can end up feeling violated and uncertain; furthermore, you may be shocked by the financial impact of the event. According to a 2011 FBI estimation, a home burglary costs the victim an average of $2,185 in property loss. Additionally, victims can expect to lose more money in the form of lost wages, insurance deductibles, and other associated expenses. In 2011, New Brighton, Minnesota, saw 502 property crimes and 72 burglaries. Homeowners can deter potential burglars by installing a home security system. Many intruders will surpass a house that is visibly protected by an alarm system.

National average amount lost in a break-in based on FBI Crime Statistics 2011 data:

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ADT Home Security System Installation Testimonial

The service as well as the service providers are very friendly and wonderful. The ADT system is easy to use and works great.

Danielle - Spring Valley, CA

Because my rep was honest and upfront about everything involved and I feel much safer with this system installed.

Scott - Grand Rapids, MI

Your technician took the time to listen to my concerns and help me to configure the right monitors thru out the home to protect it and us. Also I am very impressed with ADT's system.

Brian - Crown Point, IN

Outstanding job! Our technician took all of the time necessary to make sure we were comfortable with our system. The peace of mind we now have is priceless!

Rick - Hazleton, PA

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Think about having a home security system, monitored by ADT, put in by Protect Your Home. It's a great way to deter possible criminal activity. Protect Your Home only does installation of monitored systems from ADT. Thanks to trained professionals working in ADT's round-the-clock monitoring centers, you can get help with any issue, ranging from a real problem to a false alarm. Moreover, because we have so many installation centers - over 150 all over the United States - we can restore your peace of mind as early as today with a quick installation of a security system. Don't trust luck to take care of your household's safety. Contact us for more information.

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Sources: All United States crime statistics have been obtained from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports 2008-2011 which are released annually to the public. All other city-specific data, including but not limited to, demographic and geographic statistics have been obtained from the 2010 U.S. Census which was publically released in December 2010.