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Wireless Keychain Remote

Easiest way to arm, disarm or activate your home security system

Simply point and press

Imagine a device that allows you to call for help from virtually anywhere in your home, upstairs, downstairs, front yard or back. All you have to do is reach into your pocket and press a button.

The wireless keychain remote allows you to do just that, as well as to conveniently arm or disarm your system.

The remote, which is about the size and shape of a car key fob is comprised of four buttons that arm your system, disarm it, emit LED light and activate your alarm.

If you are a parent, the keychain remote is ideal for extra security while you play outside with your child. Many people also carry it with them while they are outside doing yard work, or keep it on their nightstand at night so they can sleep more peacefully knowing the panic button is an arm's length away.

And finally, the remote is the convenient way to arm or disarm your system when you are coming or going from your home. Simply press the appropriate button from outside your home. It will send a signal to the digital touchpad, which will announce that your system is armed, or disarmed (depending on which button you pushed).

Features of your wireless keychain remote:

  • Includes personal panic button that allows you to call for help from your yard, your bedside or anywhere in your home
  • Is as easy to use as locking or unlocking your car
  • Recessed buttons keep you from activating your system accidentally
  • Activates the panic alarm if both of the top buttons are pushed at the same time.

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