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Digital Touchpad

The control center of your ADT® monitored-home security system

Convenient, easy to use, lifesaving

When you are in the midst of an emergency, you want to be able to contact the services you need fast. With the digital touchpad and control panel offered by Protect Your Home, calling for help, as well as arming and disarming your new home security system, is as simple as pressing a button.

Simple voice commands let you know when your system is armed, unarmed or activated. And The LCD display screen is easy to read in daylight or at night.

Emergency services buttons put you in touch with fire or police fast. You simply press the button and ADT can contact the appropriate services for you.

Two-way talking panel option

You may choose the Two-way Voice monitoring option. This includes a two-way talking panel. You speak directly to ADT through the microphone in the control panel when your system has been activated. No need to dial a telephone.

Testing your panel:

Your new security system is self testing. Once an hour, the keypad sends a signal to each component to make sure everything is working. If there is a problem, the system can call ADT for you and you will be alerted to the issue by an ADT representative.

Most importantly, the panel to your new security system is monitored by ADT 24/7, so you know that no matter what, ADT representatives are there for you when you need them most.

Features of your digital touchpad:

  • Supports 40 window/door sensors
  • Communicates with you using clear, simple voice commands, so you always know what your system is doing

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