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Wireless Window/Door Sensors

Your first line of defense

Help protect your home's primary entry points

Q. Where is a burglar most likely to enter your home?

A. Your front door.

Yes. Despite what we see in movies and television, break-ins can start at your front entryway. Other common entrances used by burglars are first floor windows, and back doors.

A variety of methods exist for breaking into homes, including black-market bump-keys, lock opening devices used by locksmiths, and simply kicking the door in. Illegal entry may also be gained by opening unlocked windows. So how do you help prevent a break-in from happening?

Locking doors and windows, even when you are home, is a start. However, for more thorough protection, wireless window and door sensors are one of the first lines of defense against an illegal entry into your home. The small, white rectangular sensors use magnets to determine if a window or door is opened or closed. When the magnets are separated, they send a signal to activate your armed system. Also, tampering with the devices will cause the sensors to send out a trouble signal.

Features of your window and door sensors:

  • Uses magnet technology to monitor anything that opens and closes
  • Transmits a trouble signal if someone tries to tamper with the sensor
  • Has a 4-6 year battery life

Not sure which doors and windows to monitor in your home? Our installation technicians are experts in thorough home protection. Call today and set up with an appointment with a technician who will help you protect your home with security system designed with your unique needs in mind.