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In 2011, 94,044 burglaries were reported in the state of Georgia. That averages out to approximately 257 burglaries per day across the state. That year, 9,956 arrests were made in burglary cases, for an arrest rate of around 10.6%. Of these arrests, over half were of suspects aged 17 to 29. Overall, Georgia's burglary rate is around 40% higher than the U.S. national average, according to and*

Since arrest rates are low following burglaries, a homeowner's best protection is prevention. Fortunately, burglaries are very often preventable by the use of several common sense measures. If you want to maximize your home security and help protect your home and family from burglary, begin by looking at things from a burglar's point of view.

Risk of Burglary

Burglars look for easy access first and foremost. Beyond that, they want to target homes that have the items they want most: electronics, cash, jewelry, and laptop computers primarily. They also want to make an easy getaway.

The first thing to do when assessing your home's security is to walk the perimeter and objectively look for weak points. A burglar doesn't care about your beautiful, 1920s-era windows. If there's an iPad, a laptop, or a handbag just on the other side of it, he'll break it with no qualms whatsoever, particularly if he's hidden by a nice, overgrown shrub. Look in all your ground floor windows. Do you see a lot of small, high value items? If so, you should consider installing or closing blinds or drapes, or rearranging your rooms so that valuables are not in plain view.

Are all your ground floor windows locked? They should be. Is there a window flanking your front door that someone could break to reach in and unlock the door? If so, consider installing a double key deadbolt or reinforcing the panes with Plexiglas. Is there a hook for hanging keys just inside the door? Perhaps it should be moved or taken down. Finding a set of spare keys means your car can be easily stolen too.

Next, think about your family's security habits. Do you leave the back door unlocked for convenience? Even if you're only running next door or going to the store for milk, you should lock up. A surprisingly high number of burglaries do not involve forced entry.

ADT Monitored Home Security Systems

Finally, you may want to consider the many benefits of a home security system. Increasing numbers of Georgia residents have found out for themselves how much greater their peace of mind is after installing a monitored home security system.

A decal or yard sign stating that your home is protected 24/7 is often sufficient to scare off an intruder, and if they do break in, law enforcement is automatically notified immediately. Today's 24-hour monitored home security systems are affordable, effective, and easy to operate. Installation is quick and convenient too.

If you would like to know more about ADT monitored home security systems, call us at Protect Your Home today. Protect Your Home is the nation's number one ADT Authorized Premier Provider with over 150 installation centers nationwide. In most cases, you can arrange for next-day installation so you can start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with ADT monitored home security systems.

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