New Hampshire Home Security Systems

In 2009, the rate of violent crime in New Hampshire was lower than the national average by nearly 60%, and the property crime rate was lower than the national average by over 25%, according to and*

In fact, New Hampshire had the nation's third lowest rate of violent crime in 2009 and the nation's lowest murder rate. As for property crime, New Hampshire had the country's fourth lowest rate in 2009. That same year, it was the seventh lowest in terms of burglary rate.

There were 4,928 burglaries in New Hampshire in 2009. Although that is considered a low number compared to the majority of the nation, it still averages out to over 13 burglaries per day across the state. Nationwide, an estimated three of every four houses are expected to be broken into over the next 20 years.

Helping Protect Against Home Burglary

Fortunately, there are many simple steps that the typical Granite State resident can do to help protect against home burglary.

Easy access and opportunity are the two ingredients that make a home most vulnerable to burglary. Many burglaries take place during the daytime, when residents are away at work or school. But you can help secure your home with these measures:

  • Install deadbolts on all exterior doors and lock up consistently when leaving the house empty. Make sure windows are locked too.
  • If you sometimes leave windows open for ventilation, install window stops to help prevent them from being opened wider than six inches.
  • Look in ground floor windows and see if valuables like expensive electronics are easily visible. If so, close drapes or blinds, or rearrange furniture so that valuables are shielded from outside view.
  • When traveling, use light timers to make it look as if someone is home. Have mail collected, and have someone mow your yard. Overgrown lawns and stuffed mailboxes indicate to burglars that nobody is home.
  • Never leave a note on the door for a neighbor that you have gone shopping or will be right back.
  • Consider installing an ADT monitored home security system.

Home Security Systems in New Hampshire

Home security systems today are far more advanced than the burglar alarm systems of yesteryear. Today's security systems are mostly wireless and install quickly without a major disruption to your décor or your schedule. Once the system is installed and activated, any time a break-in or fire is detected, personnel at the 24-hour monitoring center are instantly notified. They contact homeowners and call for emergency responders if necessary.

ADT monitored home security systems come standard with an easy to use LCD control panel that allows the system to be quickly armed or disarmed, and that allows the homeowner to have instant two-way communication with the monitoring center. Other standard features include wireless window and door chimes and passive infrared motion detectors.

Your monitored home security system also comes with a wireless keychain remote that allows easy arming or disarming of the system and that has a "panic alert" button for instant contact with the monitoring center when there is immediate danger.

If you would like to find out more about how ADT monitored home security systems are helping protect New Hampshire homes, call our security professionals at Protect Your Home today. Protect Your Home is the number one ADT Authorized Premier Provider in the U.S. and has more than 150 installation centers nationwide. In many cases, next-day installation can be arranged so that you don' have to wait long to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having around-the-clock monitored home security.