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New York State reports nearly 63,000 burglaries every year, which averages out to around 175 every day. Around 375,000 property crimes are also reported in the Empire State every year, according to*

New York crime rates have dropped in every category over the past decade. However, isolated pockets of crime do erupt from time to time. For example, an early 2012 spike in home burglaries and home invasions in Nassau County left residents frightened and bewildered, because Nassau is considered one of the safest counties in the entire U.S.

The Technological Fight Against Crime

When it comes to fighting crimes like burglary and home invasion, technology plays an increasing role, as new deterrents and new ways of catching suspects move into the mainstream.

One example of technology helping catch criminals is with DNA evidence. A violent home invasion on Long Island in early 2011, for example, resulted in a DNA match between the suspect and crimes in other states as well as several break-ins in New York.

Technology and Home Security

Technology has really come into its own in terms of home security systems over the past decade, as increasing numbers of homeowners install security systems to help protect their homes against burglary and home invasion.

Today's home security systems don't require major home upheaval to install, and can be put in quickly, without tearing out walls. Door and window sensors cause a chime to ring any time one of these is opened. Motion detectors can find intruders and avoid false alarms caused by family pets.

While it is sometimes the "low-tech" things (like lawn signs or door decals stating that a home has a security system) that scare off intruders, for those who risk entering anyway, a high-decibel siren, plus instant access to the security monitoring center, helps stop criminals in their tracks.

And today's security alarms can't be disabled by snipping a few wires, the way burglars in movies and on TV do. Today's home security systems are in all ways technologically superior to the systems of a generation ago. Better still, they're very affordable.

Security Systems as a Component of Total Home Security

The best way to help protect your home from burglary is to use multiple security measures and use them consistently. For example, more than half of home break-ins occur during the daytime, but around 27% of homeowners with security systems installed only arm the systems at night.

A surprising number of residents leave doors unlocked, and this makes a burglar's crime much easier to commit. Doors locked with regular locks are amazingly easy to open, too, so you should make sure that all your home's exterior doors are outfitted with deadbolt locks.

Another way to make life more difficult for a burglar is to install motion-sensitive lighting over your driveway and walkways and to cut back overgrown vegetation near doors and windows that could give a thief cover while he waits to strike.

When you use common sense security measures like the ones listed above, and in addition use one of today's technologically advanced monitored home security systems, you help provide your home with several layers of security, all of which work together to tell the average burglar to go elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about ADT monitored home security systems, call our security professionals at Protect Your Home today. Protect Your Home is the nation's top ADT Authorized Premier Provider and has more than 150 installation centers nationwide. In most cases, next-day installation can be arranged, and you can start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having an ADT monitored home security system.

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