Utah Home Security Systems

First, the good news: the overall crime rate in the state of Utah is lower than the national crime rate. Now the not-so-good news: although the violent crime rate in Utah is lower than the national crime rate by approximately 40%, the property crime rate is higher than the national average by approximately 39%, according to PublicSafety.Utah.gov and CityRating.com.*

In fact, in 2010, there were 14,314 burglaries reported across Utah, a slight decrease from the 2009 figure of 14,778. The 2010 figure averages out to one burglary in Utah approximately every 37 minutes. There were 1,496 arrests for burglary in 2010, for a clearance rate of just under 10%. This can be interpreted to mean that if you lose possessions in a burglary, it is unlikely that you will get them back.

Although burglary is one of the more prevalent property crimes, both in Utah and elsewhere, there are a number of common sense measures that ordinary citizens can take to help reduce their risk of being burglary victims.