Virginia Home Security Systems

In the state of Virginia in 2011, a property crime was committed, on average, every 1 minute and 44 seconds. That same year, 30,430 burglaries were reported in Virginia, which averages out to just over 83 burglaries per day. In 2011, the month of August was when the greatest number of burglaries occurred, according to and*

While burglaries are common – both in Virginia and elsewhere – they are relatively easy to prevent. The 2011 statistics show that of the 30,438 burglaries, 2,685 occurred in homes where no security measures were used. Over 4,500 burglars entered through a front door, while over 6,300 burglars entered through a rear door and over 4,500 entered through windows.

Home Burglary

If you should return home to discover that your house has been broken into, here is what you should do.

  • First, if you're not certain that the intruder has left, go to a neighbor's house or get in your car and lock the doors and call police. Do not try to tidy up the house until after police arrive and collect any evidence.
  • Once police have left, go through your home room by room and note items that are missing. If you have receipts or serial numbers for any of these items, gather them for submission to your insurance company.
  • Contact your insurance company so you can find out what stolen possessions are covered by your insurance policy. You will also be instructed on how to file a claim.
  • If forced entry was used, contact a window glazing service to arrange window repairs, or a locksmith to replace locks that were broken.

After the shock of a break-in subsides, walk around the outside of your house and try to determine where your home's weak points are in terms of security. Are ground floor windows hidden by tall shrubberies? If so, they should be trimmed back. Were windows next to doors used so the burglar could reach in and unlock the door from the inside? If so, consider installing a double key-type deadbolt lock. Are any ground floor windows unlocked? If so, lock them immediately and keep them locked.

Get a Home Security System Today!

Once you address your home'sphysical security, you may want to consider having a home security system installed in your house. Increasing numbers of Virginians are discovering the benefits of having 24/7 monitored home security.

The security systems of today are technologically sophisticated, easy to operate, and affordable. They provide an extra layer of protection to the physical security measures you use, and in many cases, a burglar will see a yard sign or door decal stating that a home security system is in place and decide to go elsewhere. Furthermore, installing a security system may reduce your insurance premiums.

If you would like to find out more about ADT monitored home security systems, call and speak with our security professionals today. Protect Your Home is the U.S.'s number one ADT Authorized Premier Provider and has over 150 installation centers nationwide. Most Virginia residents can call today and arrange for installation tomorrow. You don't have to wait or spend a lot of money to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having ADT monitored home security.