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ADT Pulse®
Discover what's possible with ADT's home security mobile app



Discover what is possible when the 140+ years of home protection experience of ADT® is combined with the ease and innovation of cutting edge technology in the palm of your hand with the ADT Pulse® App.

Over 475,000 people have spoken and rated the ADT Pulse® App 4.8 in the Apple App Store. It's no wonder, with the ability to not only arm and disarm your home alarm at the tap of a button, to monitoring your cameras and safety alerts from anywhere in the world and even giving you control of your smart home devices in the palm of your hand.

When you choose a home security package with the ADT Pulse® system, you'll unlock the integration possibilities for your lights and thermostat, your ADT Video Doorbell, Amazon Alexa, and your Smart Plugs controlling your small appliances, transforming even your morning cup of coffee.

What is ADT Pulse®?

The ADT Pulse® App is an app for iOS and Android mobile devices that connect you with your home security  system in real-time. Get alerts when your system is triggered or if your cameras detect motion from virtually anywhere with internet connection when you choose a Pulse-enabled home security package.

The Tap of a Button in The ADT Pulse® App is All You Need

Ensure that your Protect Your Home system is armed and monitoring your whole home while you’re away. This symbol shows you that your home and everything you need to protect inside it is secure. While you are away, ADT’s monitoring is ready to spring into action should any of your sensors be triggered, giving you a courtesy call and, if need be, calling the proper authorities to respond quickly.

Enjoy your vacation, knowing that ADT is On Guard at Home

With ADT Pulse® + Home automation from Protect Your Home, you can set your lights to turn on and off randomly while you're gone. That way anyone on the prowl for an empty home doesn’t know you’re not home. Did the pet sitter lock themselves out? Unlock any Smart Lock remotely to grant them access.

Life is Chaotic and We Could All Use a Helping Hand

That’s why ADT Pulse® has been designed to make life not only safer, but easier and smoother. Hands full of groceries or sports equipment? Get inside easily with a quick click of your key fob. It can disarm your system and turn the lights on for you. Depending on your ADT Pulse® level, the app sends you alerts if any of your sensors are triggered and saves video clips to the cloud for you to review when life grants you a moment to look.


Get Crystal Clear Visibility With the ADT Video Doorbell

Get a 180° view of anyone who appears on your porch and greet your guests with audio and video. Motion detection can also be set to alert you of unexpected visitors, help detect porch pirates and provide you with a crystal clear video record of any attempts made. The ADT Video Doorbell is available with the ADT Pulse + Video Package.

How Much Does it Cost to Install ADT Pulse®?

ADT Pulse enabled security systems can range from $52.99-$59.99 monthly. Installation for Protect Your Home security systems start at $99; upgraded packages require additional install fee. 36/24 mo agreement/monitoring contract required.

Choose Protect Your Home — Authorized Premier Provider of ADT — to Design, Install, and Support Your Total Home Security System with the ADT Pulse® App.

Our dedication to your safety and satisfaction starts with the professional smart home security system installation. An extensively trained and background-checked home security professional with a deep understanding of your local needs arrives at your home and listens to your needs and concerns.

They then use Protect Your Home’s arsenal of security and automation options to help you customize the perfect package for your needs. To save you time and get your safe home experience started immediately, your smart home security system professional then installs everything within the same visit!

We know it’s a lot to take in, though, so they stay with you until you have an understanding of how to use all of your new features, including the ADT Pulse® App itself. If you ever have any questions about your products and how to use them, Protect Your Home is always just a quick call away to support you through your safe home journey.