7 Tips for New Homeowners Living Alone

Sold_sign According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 27 percent of Americans live alone. The lack of extra eyes and ears in a single-person household to detect potential dangers or seek help in an emergency can make living alone scary - especially for new homeowners. Fortunately, those who live alone can follow a few simple steps to improve home security.

1.   Install a home security system

If you haven’t already made the investment, consider installing a home security system for the best protection. At an affordable price, trained professionals will help protect your home and belongings from any emergency 24 hours day.

2.  Get to know your neighbors

Introduce yourself to neighbors and consider starting a neighborhood watch program. When you travel, have a neighbor collect your mail and keep an eye on your home until you return.

3.  Be smart on social media sites

Use discretion when posting information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Avoid posting travel plans or messages indicating you are home alone. Also refrain from posting pictures of valuable new purchases like a laptop, iPad or television.

4.  Install lighting

Consider installing motion-sensing lights around the exterior of your home for better visibility when you arrive home after dark. Additional lighting will also give potential burglars fewer places to hide outside your home.

5.  Adopt a dog

Adopting a four-legged companion can boost your home security. Even a small dog will alert you when a stranger is in the vicinity well before you would know of his or her presence.

6.  Keep doors locked

Remember to lock your doors not only when you leave home, but also when you return. After a few weeks, locking up will become second nature.

7.  Maintain your yard

Intruders often target homes that appear vacant, so keep your yard maintained to deter potential burglars. Mow the lawn frequently and trim bushes and shrubs near windows for optimal vision and security.