Affordable DIY Home Security Tips

Home_2 Homeowners no longer have to spend a lot of money to keep their home safe from burglaries or fires, as a variety of home security packages are now available at an affordable price. Installing a security system is the best way to help protect your family and belongings in any emergency, but there are additional home security tips you can follow that will provide an extra layer of security whether you’re home or away.

Deter Potential Burglars

Do not put your last name on your mailbox, as potential intruders could then look up your phone number and call to see if you’re home. Strangers should know as little personal information about you as possible.

Consider installing motion-sensing lights in dark areas around your home where potential intruders may not normally be detected by you or your neighbors.

Avoid hiding a spare key outside - especially under the welcome mat or nearby rock. Instead, exchange spare keys with a trusted neighbor.

Trim bushes and hedges near the windows and doors of your home for optimal vision and security. Overgrown brush gives potential intruders a convenient hiding place while attempting to break in.

Travel Safety

Have a trusted neighbor collect your mail and newspaper while you’re out of town. Having stacks of unread mail on your front porch will indicate to potential intruders that you are not home.

Continue having your yard maintained while you’re gone, as an overgrown or unkempt lawn might attract unwanted visitors.

Ask neighbors to take turns parking in your driveway at varying times until you return so your home looks occupied.