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What to Know Before You Move to Artesia New Mexico

blog-default Moving to Artesia? It's a lovely place to live, but just like moving everywhere else, there are things you should know. Here is some important information about the city.

Basic Facts According to the United States Census, Artesia had 11,301 residents, with 25% of the population under 16 years of age, making it a strong family community. It's named after the artesian aquifer found in the city, making it a key source of water in the early 1900s.

Getting There Artesia is at the intersection of several major roads. Route 82 goes through the city roughly east to west, toward Alamogordo and the Lincoln National Forest, and Route 285 goes north to south, with Roswell to the north and Carlsbad to the south.

Climate Artesia's average temperatures range from 93 degrees in the summer to 21 degrees in the winter, and it has a yearly average of 13.37 inches of precipitation, according to the Weather Channel.

Utilities Water is provided by the city's water department, so be sure to contact them as you're making arrangements to move to the city. Of necessity, the city keeps a close eye on its water usage, so talk to the water department about expectations for residents. Electricity is provided by either Central Valley or Xcell Energy, and you've got two choices for phone service as well: PVT or Century Link.

School System Artesia operates its own schools. According to the district, there are five elementary schools: Yucca, Roselawn, Central, Yeso and Hermosa, which handle first through fifth grades, and then students are all sent to the same intermediate, junior and high school for grades six and up.

Things to Do Artesia is located near several major tourist points. To the north, there's the city of Roswell, famous for supposedly being the crash site of an alien spaceship and host of some goofy goings-on and festivals to match. To the south, there's Carlsbad Caverns, one of the most famous, and beautiful, landmarks in America, as well as Brantley Lake State Park. And there are multiple recreation opportunities in the Lincoln National Forest as well, to the west.

Crime Artesia is a fairly safe city. According to the FBI's Crime in the United States report for 2011, Artesia saw only 130 violent crimes and 472 property crimes in 2011.**** That said, at Protect Your Home we strongly encourage you not to take chances. When you move to a new city, even a safe one, you can be at higher risk for property crime as you don't know your neighbors just yet. Make your time in Artesia a happy one: Call Protect Your Home today.


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