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7 Apps That Can Help You Keep Your Home and Family Safe

rsz_img_3642-1300x866 Being a parent is no easy task. The dangers your children are subjected to are virtually unlimited, and evolving every day. When it comes to taking care of your most precious assets, no expense should be spared to help you get the job done, and with these tools, you’ll be prepared for any threat, physical or digital. Here's a list of 7 apps that will help keep your home and family a little safer.

Norton Online Family

Our lives have been forever changed, thanks to the connectivity and information enabled by the Internet. Fortunately, Norton Online Family gives you the tools necessary to help keep your children safe online and on the phone. With web monitoring and site blocking capabilities, you can help prevent your children from finding the seedy corners of the web that so many parents fear. Additional capabilities allow you to monitor your child’s text messages and set restrictions regarding who they can and cannot text.

McGruff SafeGuard Browser

Content filtering is a potent tool for concerned parents, but few have the time or knowledge to block every piece of unsavory material on the Internet. McGruff SafeGuard Browser helps make the process easier with smart-filters based on age and content type. By providing your children with the freedom to explore and the boundaries to keep them safe, even their mobile phone doesn’t have to be a concern.

Food Additives 2

Knowledge is a parent’s greatest weapon in the fight to keep their children safe, but keeping track of all potential dangers can be a daunting challenge. Food in particular is an ever-evolving realm with new synthetic chemicals and additives introduced every day, many of which require a level of scientific knowledge to decipher. For those of us without the chemical background to identify food-born dangers for ourselves, app developers have created a solution. Food Additives 2 looks to take the guesswork out of food allergens and chemical additives by delivering an encyclopedia of knowledge. Searchable, color-coded, and categorized based on dietary restriction; you won’t need to wonder if the next big preservative is a threat to your family’s health.

AtHome Camera

We can’t be everywhere at once, but with our children’s safety and the security of our valuables on the line, no one can afford to be away from the home for too long. Particularly for new parents trusting a sitter, or parents leaving their teenager home alone for the first time, a little verification can go a long way to finding peace of mind. Enter AtHome Camera. After setting up security cameras in your home, this application provides a live video feed wherever you are. Checking in on the baby or teenager is as simple as pressing a button. With recording capabilities, motion detection alerts, and on-demand video, your phone or tablet becomes a window to the ones that matter most.

FBI Child ID

No one likes to consider the worst-case scenario, but emergencies can occur. Being proactive about your children’s safety is essential to rapid response efforts and finding them should the worst come to pass. FBI Child ID makes this kind of preparedness possible by tapping the highest levels of law enforcement authority. This mobile application allows you to upload pictures of your children and make a profile just in case they should go missing. With one-touch access to 911 and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, you’ll have the tools you need to help bring them home safe and sound.

Sex Offender Search

Part of protecting your family is knowing where the danger lies. With tools like Sex Offender Search, that task becomes a great deal easier. By mapping out registered sex offenders in your area and allowing you to share their presence and location with neighbors, you can keep your children safe and enlist the community to aid in that endeavor.


In some situations, Internet and text monitoring constitutes sufficient protection for you and yours. But as your children grow and the dangers they’re subjected to grow in turn, you need a solution that adapts to their lifestyle. SecuraFone is a multi-faceted mobile app that gives you and your children potentially life-saving resources. Free GPS tracking and monitoring can help ensure that they stay out of dangerous neighborhoods, while speed warnings alert you to risky diving behavior. But perhaps the most valuable safety feature is the ability to lock down your child’s phone from texting or calling when they’re driving. With more deaths every year resulting from distracted driving, this application not only helps protect your family members from others, it helps protect them from themselves. Keeping your family safe doesn’t have to be a solo effort. Mobile and desktop tools can automate the process and help protect your family members from the worst dangers the digital and physical world have to offer. By combining your smarts with the applications listed here, you’ll rest easier knowing you’re doing what you can for the most precious people in your life.

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