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Can You Spare A Key? How to Know If That Hide-A-Key Is a Good Idea

blog-default The key under the door mat; the fake rock where you keep the spare -- and let us not forget the magnetic box that you place under your car to hold a third spare. There’s a long tradition of people hiding spare house keys in the event that they lose them -- but is this really a good idea? When you hide a spare, you run the risk of someone you don’t know finding that key and gaining access to your home. As creative as you think your hiding spot is, a seasoned burglar could easily identify places that you’d likely keep the key hidden – and, just like that, you run the risk of an intrusion. Sure, there’s a convenience in always having that spare key, but there are better (and safer) ways to make sure you can get in while helping to keep intruders out. Here are some tips to help ensure that you have access to your home if you lose your key.

Entrust Your Neighbor

It isn’t always the case, but chances are good that you’ve become pretty good friends with your neighbor – or, at the very least, acquaintances. If you’re comfortable, talk to a neighbor you trust and ask them if they wouldn’t mind holding onto a spare key for you in the event of an emergency. Not only is it nice to know that you have a backup key in a safe spot, but you’ll have someone who can check in on your home or feed your pets while you’re away for a few days!

Use Automated Smart Locks

Whether you’re home or away, automated smart locks allow you to use your mobile device to digitally lock (or unlock) your house. If you lose your key, you can gain access to your home with the click of a button – and if you think you might have forgotten to lock your doors, you can double check using the accompanying mobile app. Equipping your family with mobile access to your home also helps ensure that the doors are locked when they’re indoors.

Enter Through the Garage

If you have a garage that’s attached to your home, you very likely have an automatic garage door opener that can be opened via keypad (with a passcode) or with a small remote. If your garage door opener has an accompanying keypad, make an effort to memorize the passcode and don’t give it to anyone you don’t know and trust. As far as your garage remote goes, make sure that it’s always in the same spot. Often times, garage remotes will hang somewhere near the driver’s seat for easy access when pulling in the driveway like a sun visor or misc. cubby hole. Not being able to access your home is scary, but leaving your home vulnerable to strangers is even scarier. However, in this day and age, it’s becoming easier to take control of every aspect of your home. The best thing anyone can do to help prepare for such an emergency is prepare. Follow these tips to help you feel more secure in no time.