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Infographic: The Top 10 DIY Home Security Projects

Top10-DIY-Home-Security-Projects-allldata-mod As technology has advanced throughout the ages, so has home security. We now have access to home automation systems, which we can monitor remotely from our mobile device, tablet, or desktop, and security systems in homes are commonplace. While all of these technological advances are beneficial, some of the simplest methods for hiding your valuables can be be done by you with everyday household items. Piggybacking off our post, “DIY Projects: The Most Clever Ways to Help Keep Your Valuables Hidden and Safe,” we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 do-it-yourself home security projects and repurposed it in an easy-to-digest infographic. For each project, we’ve included:
  • Materials you will need,
  • instructions,
  • complexity level, and
  • budget guideline.
Most of these projects are pretty inexpensive and easy to complete. Furthermore, you can use a lot of common household goods! All you need is a little bit of time and creativity. Have some home security projects you’ve completed or want to try? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and tag @ProtectYourHome.

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