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4 Ladder Safety Tips


Now that the seasons are changing, you're likely going to be doing a little maintenance around your home to ensure that it's ready for winter. When you're not cleaning your gutters, you may be on your roof, double-checking your shingles and making sure everything is in working order. That being said, you're likely going to spend an ample amount of time on your ladder this fall.

Whether you're used to conducting home maintenance yourself or you don't do so very often, ladder safety is a must. Not everyone is familiar with how to use this commonly owned piece of equipment, which seems easy enough to climb indoors and out. Here are some of the simplest, most effective tips to reduce the chances of an accident during home maintenance this autumn.

Follow the included instructions
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration stated that it's important to abide by any instructions that the ladder comes with, as well as any labels that have been placed onto the ladder itself. These are critical to ensuring that you properly use the ladder each time, whether you're doing so in the house or outside.

Look around for electrical wires
Before you put your ladder in place, look around for electrical wires that could pose a hazard. Make sure you aren't setting your ladder on top of any wires, and double-check to see if there are any above your head where you will be standing. This is a safety tip that can help you prevent a serious injury.

Wear the proper gear
The American Ladder Institute noted that you should always have the proper gear on before you start climbing - specifically, the right footwear. Your shoes should fit comfortably and have non-slip bottoms to ensure that you don't fall during your climb. Shoes that have leather soles aren't considered to be safe options. 

Assess the situation
This means taking a moment to determine how you're feeling and whether you're suited to use the ladder. If you're light-headed or dizzy, you should avoid the climb at all costs. People who are particularly fatigued may also want to wait to use a ladder for their safety. If you're concerned about using this tool, have someone nearby to spot you as you complete your task on the ladder. In the end, you'll gain peace of mind.


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