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Home Security and Your Quality of Life

Posted: February 22, 2014

One of the primal human needs is to protect and keep your family safe. This means installing child safety, personal safety and even travel safety systems in your home. A state of the art digital security system installed by the best home alarm system company in your area is an essential component to the quality of life. Having peace of mind while you sleep and travel will improve your quality of life.

Burglar Alarm Equipment

The best home security starts with a good burglar alarm system. The best systems will have:

  • Motion detectors: detect unwanted movement around your home's entry points (most burglars enter through the front, back or garage doors.) The motion detector sensors set off the alarm as a deterrent that may drive the burglar away.
  • A keypad: turns the system on and off will be installed close to a point of entry. As the homeowner, you will control the system settings. You can also get a handheld remote or even use a telephone to operate the alarm system as you need it.
  • Signs and decals: advertise your property is protected by a burglar alarm system; this may discourage a thief from targeting your home.
  • Central monitoring: security experts at a central facility monitor the system at your residence.
  • Smoke Alarm: There are roughly 1,000 fires per day that occur in the US. A fire could happen anywhere at any time. So, for real quality of life and peace of mind make sure you install smoke alarms in every room of your home. These devices set off an alarm that warns the residents to evacuate the premises. In addition to smoke alarms, a good security system will also monitor for fire by detecting the temperature in your home.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Often called the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas that is emitted from common household appliances such as water heaters and washers and dryers. A concentrated amount or a leak that results in too much of the gas being present can result in death. The detector will sound an alarm that will give your family members a chance to evacuate and air out the house to dispel the fumes.
  • Personal Alarms: There are door knob alarms, travel alarms and door stop alarms that are small and portable enough for you to take on trips. For example, you can take a door alarm and hang it on the door knob of an unfamiliar room. You can also purchase devices that have a smoke alarm and strong flashlight built into them.

A well designed and implemented security system will provide peace of mind and a good quality of life for all of your family members. For your peace of mind, call Protect Your Home today.