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How to Talk to Kids About Home Security

Posted: February 21, 2014

If you have kids, you know how important it is to do what you can to keep them safe. This means in addition monitoring them when you're outside of the house, it's important not to overlook safety at home - this can be critical to keeping your entire family protected.


Those who have home security systems installed know how much peace of mind can come from having this means of protection. However, it's critical that children understand what it means to keep their home safe as well. In some instances, this might mean trusting them with the passcode to the entire system. Younger kids may need to be educated over time on how to stay protected in and out of the home. 


Addressing your home security system
Sensory Edge recommended speaking to your kids about your home security system if you have one in place. This means scheduling a family meeting where you can all come together and learn more about steps you can take to keep your home safe. A routine family meeting will also help you make sure that your children know how to operate your home security system when you're not around.


As you're educating your little ones on your system, you may also want to help them memorize the passcode to utilize it. If you have young children, write it down in an area where they can find it if you aren't home. This can get everyone on the same page about your home security system and preventing a home invasion.


Teaching your kids about safety in the house
There are some rules that your kids should know in general to maintain the overall level of safety in your household. For example, they shouldn't open the door for strangers - people they don't know personally - regardless of whether you're home. Teaching them the difference between unknown individuals and "safe" strangers, such as police officers, is also essential, according to Apartments.com.


Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, it's never a bad idea to talk to them about home security. Even young children can learn how to stay safe over time if you make it a routine topic of discussion. Just remember to keep them up-to-date on information such as passcodes and answer any questions they may have. In the end, you can keep your home protected together as a family.