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Protect Yourself At and Away From Home

Posted: February 22, 2014

Have you ever considered how you can protect yourself when you travel? Will your overseas lodgings be equipped with smoke or carbon monoxide detectors? How can you avoid becoming a victim? To help maintain your personal security while on the road, you might be interested in some of the personal security devices that are available.

Door Alarms

For travel safety, if you are unsure of security of your accommodations, especially if you stay off of the beaten path in a foreign country, consider purchasing a door alarm. The way these affordable devices work is that you hang them on a door knob and activate the alarm. If someone enters your room they will be met by an ear splitting siren (some alarms reach as high as 100 dB which is the equivalent of the sound of a lawn mower engine in the room!). That should be enough to scare away even the most determined criminal. You can also purchase a door stop alarm. This is different from the door knob alarm. What this device does is not only sound an alarm if an intruder tries to enter your room, but it also helps prevent him/her from actually getting into your room.

Personal Travel Alarms

These burglary prevention devices usually do double or even triple duty. You can purchase them with an LED flashlight and even a smoke detector. For personal safety, they cannot be beat. When used as a personal alarm, you pull the alarm cord on the unit. This will activate an ear piercing alarm that will stay on until you press the top of the unit back down. They can also be looped around a room door to act as a door knob alarm.

Other Features

Many of these devices also have a motion sensor in them. They are infrared sensors which mean that they detect movement by body temperature which makes them less susceptible to false alarms. They also have on and off buttons so they will not be triggered while they are in your luggage. Other features include:

  • Personal safety alarms use batteries so there are no wires to be concerned about.
  • They are small, portable and made of very durable material.
  • They are inexpensive (some cost as little as $5).
  • They are easy to conceal in a purse or pocket.