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Secure Your Home While You’re Travelling


Traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience. However, it is important to secure your home while you're away. Make use of home security systems as well as other procedures that will help ensure that your home is safe from potential burglars.

Put your home on lockdown
One of the first steps is making sure that every entry point is secured. This ranges from the obvious such as locking doors to checking windows. Also remember to lock service doors and swimming pool gates. Dead bolt locks are tough, so it may be wise to install one or a few if you don't already have them.

Approach your neighbors
Though you will not be able to keep an eye on your home, your neighbors will. Let them know you'll be traveling and the duration of the trip. Note any potential visitors that you may permit, so that your neighbors will not be alarmed if they are on your premises.

Ask neighbors to pick up any mail or packages that arrive. Alternatively, go to the post office and request to have your mail held. If you seek additional security, consider having a neighbor park their car in your driveway to make it seem as if there are inhabitants in the home. During winter months, accumulated snowfall can be a giveaway that you're not home. Find a friend who will be willing to clear your property and be sure to offer the same services should they travel.

Never leave one on the property, rather, leave one with a neighbor. It's a popular concept that many thieves are aware of and have since figured out the best hiding spots for. 

You may even want to ask a neighbor if they're willing to check in on your house every few days to make sure everything is in order. Or you could simply ask a relative or close friend to house sit.

Social media can be your enemy
Security concerns over social media sites have been a major topic of discussion. Take a moment to consider if you've ever created an event that listed your residence. Though you may only have invited friends to the event, it may be viewed through other means, so be safe and don't make any travel announcements. Consider calling or texting instead.

Taking the right precautions before traveling can make the trip much more enjoyable. Be sure to optimize your home's security so that it will be a welcome sight upon your return.