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4 Great Home Security Add-ons for Retirees


Home security systems are becoming more technologically advanced, and today’s systems can be customized to meet the particular needs of the homeowners. Retirees are living on their own for much longer these days, and home security systems can help them enjoy their independence to the fullest.

There are several add-ons available for home security systems that can be beneficial to retirees who may have difficulty with mobility, or who have sensory impairments. These add-ons can provide greater peace of mind for retirees themselves, and for their loved ones who live elsewhere and worry about their safety. Here are 4 great home security add-ons for older people.

1. Keychain remotes and smart phone apps

Several of today's home security systems come with a wireless keychain remote control. These are handy for seniors, because they allow the home security system to be armed from anywhere within the house. Some keychain remotes come with a "panic alert" button that can be pressed in an emergency to sound the alarm system. An increasing number of home security systems are now supplemented with apps that allow the computer-savvy senior to arm or disarm the security system from a smart phone or internet-connected computer.

2. Additional control panels

Many homeowners of all ages enjoy the added convenience of having additional control panels installed in the home. In multi-story homes, having control panels on each floor is a great convenience, and older people may choose to have a control panel installed in the room where they spend the most time or at a height that is convenient if they use a wheelchair.

3. Strobe lights

Security systems can be set up to activate a flashing strobe light instead of -- or in addition to -- an audible alarm so that hearing-impaired people will know that something has triggered the system. Other add-ons for the hearing impaired include small, portable devices that vibrate when the system is triggered, and systems in which the home's lights are automatically switched on when something triggers the system.

4. Gas, flood, and low temperature sensors

Monitors are now available for in-home use that can detect gas leaks, flooding from malfunctioning appliances, roof leaks, or flash floods, and low temperatures. Low temperature monitors are very useful when there is a risk of hypothermia during cold weather, and also so that homeowners or caretakers can take steps to prevent pipes from freezing.

Many of these home security system features -- like keychain remotes, additional control panels, and flood detectors -- are convenient for people without physical or sensory impairments, as well as for those with impaired senses or mobility.

Today's senior citizens value independence and want to enjoy their senior years in their home for as long as possible. It just so happens that many of the great add-ons that make home security h2er are also terrific features for older people. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your older loved ones have quick and easy access to around-the-clock emergency response is of great value to today's busy families.


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