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5 Benefits of a Wireless Keychain Remote


The wireless keychain remote is one of the handiest features of today's monitored home security systems. It looks very much like the key fobs you use to lock and unlock your car, and it allows you to make the most of your home's security system. Most home security systems come with one wireless keychain remote, but you can order extras—and will probably want to because they make operating your security system much more convenient.

Here are five benefits of security system wireless keychain remotes.

1. They Make Entry and Exit Much Faster

In your morning routine, it's easy to forget to use the keypad to activate your security system. The wireless keychain remote allows you to arm your system with the press of a button, bypassing the keypad altogether. Most have a range of around 100 feet, so even if you remember you need to arm the system when you're backing out of the driveway, you can usually reach your system with the remote and won't have to go back inside. When you arrive home, you can disarm the system and get in the house more quickly than you could if you had to enter the code the minute you got inside the house.

2. They Get You Into the Practice of Using Your System Consistently

One of the most important things people can do to help keep their homes safe from intruders is use security features consistently. When you get into the habit of using your wireless keychain remote to arm and disarm the system, the action will become automatic, and you'll know something is "off" if you forget. Locking doors and windows consistently and arming your security system every night and every time you leave home are the practices that go the furthest in maximizing home security. Eventually, pressing the "arm" button when you leave will become second nature.

3. Some of Them Have Smart Home Features

Depending on the type of home security system you have, you may be able to use your wireless keychain remote to activate various "smart home" features, like changing your heating system's thermostat or turning lights on or off. Not all wireless keychain remotes have these features, but as more home security systems offer smart home features, look for these capabilities to become more common with the wireless keychain remotes of the future.

4. They Have a Panic Button

This one feature provides people with significant peace of mind. You can press the panic button on the wireless keychain remote for your monitored home security system to contact the monitoring center immediately. It works whether or not your alarm system is armed. Many homeowners keep their remote on a bedside table at night or carry it with them when working in the yard. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you simply press the panic button to be connected with someone who can summon help.

5. They're Convenient for Family Members, Neighbors and Household Employees

When you have teens who come and go at odd hours, giving them their own wireless keychain remote can prevent false alarms. If you have a trusted neighbor who watches your home while you're on vacation, letting them keep a remote makes it easier for them to enter your house should they discover something out of the ordinary. If you regularly have a babysitter and/or housekeeper come to your home while you're at work, allowing them to have wireless keychain remotes lets them get in and out easily and have the security of the panic button should an emergency arise while they're in your home.

Wireless keychain remotes for home security systems vary from brand to brand, but all are designed to make your security system easier and more convenient to use. They range in price from around $15 to around $50, and do a great job of enhancing security for a relatively small investment.


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