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5 Great Smart Home Technology Innovations

smart-home-technology-gives-your-house-a-control-center-4a2d2dd78d-300x168 A century and a half ago, the World’s Fair offered a compelling glimpse into what our lives would look like in the 2000s, and while flying cars have not yet come to pass, the technology that has would leave even the most fanciful imaginations of the 1850s in awe. Ubiquitous home monitoring and automation have become a reality for common consumers, and taking advantage of these new advancements can make your house a home, even when you aren’t there. Here’s a look at five innovations helping to beat burglars, fires, and uncertainty to the punch.

Motion-Activated Webcams

A smart home talks to you, whether you’re there or not. On the home security end of matters, motion-activated webcams with the capacity to notify your smartphone with push notifications offer phenomenal protection for your valuables and your loved ones. While the technology was originally reserved for the more tech-savvy among us, new advances have made the solution more user-friendly, delivering peace of mind to homeowners across the country. The most advantageous advancement of motion-activated webcams, however, is their ability to store footage over time. Cameras connected to a robust storage medium can record events when triggered and save the footage for later evidence, helping to track down criminals and reclaim your possessions. The combination offers a compelling weapon against intrusion, and a police officer’s boon in automated evidence collection, keeping your home, your valuables, and your loved ones safer.

Sensor-Triggered Lighting

When it comes to safety, criminals aren’t the only issue facing homeowners. Coming home from an evening movie to a home darkened by night and littered with wayward toys provides a tripping hazard that no one wants to risk. Fortunately for these individuals, motion sensors installed at doorways combined with automated outlets can trigger lighting as soon as you enter the door, making Lego injuries a thing of the past. The added bonus, of course, is theft deterrent. These devices don’t discriminate based on individual, only on motion. Since exposure is one of the greatest deterrents to burglars, a sudden burst of light is sure to help send unsavory characters packing if it means revealing their identity to neighbors.

Smartphone-Enabled Home Security

The smartphone has become the device du jour for virtually every day-to-day task, so why not add security to the list? New home security systems are offering on-demand access to cameras, monitoring of temperatures, noise detection, and push notifications in the event of any unexpected activity. The solution is a step up from traditional cameras and an unprecedented resource for homeowners off on vacation.

Climate Monitoring

In our modern age, everything is connected to the Internet. For homeowners, this is phenomenal news. Remote-controlled thermostats allow for smartphone-enabled adjustment and programming of temperatures to make sure that energy usage remains low, pipes remain unfrozen, and pets remain warm. But comfort isn’t the only avenue made easier thanks to home automation. Monitoring for smoke and carbon monoxide in your home isn’t just handy, it’s necessary to help protect the lives of your loved ones. Linked to your smartphone like many of the technologies listed here, these remote alarms can keep you ahead of the game and in contact with emergency services should a conflagration occur.

Energy-Tracking Outlets

In an era of green technology, everyone is more aware of their energy usage, but knowing what your bill looks like after you’ve wasted the electricity is helpful to no one. Smart outlets monitor energy output and update your smartphone with consumption, offering graphs and statistics that can help you determine where and when the waste occurs. Newer outlets are even offering automated power cut off that keeps the continuous flow of electricity through deactivated devices from raising your bills without your knowledge. From security to savings, home monitoring and automation are bringing the sci-fi predictions of yesteryear to our domiciles today. Motion activated webcams provide up-to-the-minute alerts in case of a break-in and collect evidence to beat the bad guys. Sensor-triggered lighting helps protects feet and valuables by illuminating darkened spaces. Security systems outfitted with smartphone connectivity join a host of power and climate-monitoring products that give you control over your environment, even while away. Take advantage of these new technologies and enjoy the comfort, peace of mind, and security of a homemade better by innovation.

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