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Car theft rates to rise in winter

blog-default Fox 42 News, based in Nebraska, and other news sources throughout the country reported that car thefts would increase as winter draws closer. As the temperatures drop, automobile crimes will be on the rise across the nation, posing a threat to home security.  Be smart this winter Winter requires many people to warm up a car before departing on their journey. The bitter cold can make it tempting for a driver to return to the heat inside his or her home, but this is the opportunity that car thieves wait for. Those without remote control startup have to insert their car keys into the ignition. Leaving the vehicle means having to leave it unlocked. Though the indoors will be more comfortable than waiting in your car, you don't want to risk having your vehicle stolen. Bundle up instead and wait inside your car. You can turn on the heat while waiting for the engine to warm up. It's an unfortunate security precaution that you'll have to take, especially if you park on the street. As you wait for your engine to reach the right temperature, you want to lock your doors and keep an eye out for any suspicious figures lurking about. Try to stay focused on the environment outside your vehicle to ensure your safety. You can ask a family member or friend to wait with you. If you have any children who will be taking a ride with you, you can either tell them to remain indoors until the car is ready to go or you can bring them into the vehicle, but you should be extra vigilant. Alternatively, you can invest in a remote starter switch for your car, which will warm up your engine without running the risk of theft. It's a useful feature that you'll be able to take advantage of outside the winter season as well. Fox News cited the local Nebraska police, who advised drivers to write down the vehicle identification numbers of their vehicles. Additionally, they suggested having the proper official documents that would help track down your car in case of theft. Drivers should also remember that any valuables should be kept on their person until the car is ready to go, since possessions can present an additional temptation for thieves.   Sources: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2013/nov/29/winter-weather-months-may-produce-dips-police-call/ http://www.newswest9.com/story/23846078/car-thefts-on-a-rise-in-odessa http://www.kptm.com/story/23939511/car-thefts-back-on-the-rise-during-winter-season http://www.kptm.com/story/23939511/car-thefts-back-on-the-rise-during-winter-season  

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