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Home and Pet Security

blog-default When it comes to one's home, security is of the utmost importance. It is a way of keeping oneself and one's family safe and secure. For many households, pets are also considered a part of the family. With both pets and homes, security measures are needed to protect them from criminals such as burglars. In addition, pets must also be kept safe from other elements that can unintentionally hurt them, including those that are found inside of the home.

Home Security No one wants to become the victim of a crime, that's why it is important to evaluate and improve one's home security. While a person may invest in a home security system, even minor measures can have an impact the security of a residence. One of the most simple, basic, and effective ways to secure the home is to lock up. All of the doors entering the house, garage doors included, should be closed and locked at all times. Because most criminals look for the easiest marks possible, an unlocked door is like a gift to someone who wants to slip into a home with minimal effort. In addition to keeping the doors locked, one should also keep windows closed and properly secured. Placing a peep-hole or viewer on the front door is another way to make one's residence safer, as it allows the owner to see who is at the front door prior to unlocking and opening it. How a house appears from the outside can attract or repel intruders. Houses that are dark or have large unkempt bushes are attractive to thieves and other criminals. Darkness inside of a home suggests that it is empty, while darkness outside of the home helps conceal the criminal's presence. In addition, large bushes are also hiding spots that can be used to conceal the act of breaking and entering. To counter this, homeowners should use timed lights indoors to give the illusion that someone is home. Outside of the home, lights should be installed on all sides, particularly near doors and entranceways. Bushes and trees should also be well-maintained and trimmed. For criminals, dogs and alarm systems are deterrents that bring unwanted attention. Because of this, there are criminals who will avoid homes that have either due to the risk of being seen or caught. Signs that announce the presence of either a dog or an alarm system may be put in the yard or placed in windows to discourage criminals from even trying.

Pet Security Pet owners must address several safety issues when it comes to the security of their pets. The first of these issues involves the animal's safety in and around the home. For example, it is important to remove any items that can cause injury or make an animal ill. To prevent accidental poisoning, chemicals and medications should be kept in a secure location that animals cannot get into. Clean spilled or leaking antifreeze quickly as it is poisonous to animals that may try to lick it. Certain food items, such as chocolate, are problematic for pets and should not be given to them. Human food can also contribute to obesity in pets, and items like chicken bones can puncture the animal's intestines or mouth if they splinter. In addition to food and chemicals, certain indoor and outdoor plants are poisonous to animals. Pet owners should research their choice of plants to ensure that they are safe in the event that an animal chews on and ingests them. Other basic measures that people should take to ensure the safety and good health of their pets is to always provide them with clean, fresh water. Keep cats indoors at all times and keep dogs indoors during extreme heat or cold. If a dog is kept outdoors, it should be given some form of shelter. During the summer, outdoor animals should have access to a shady location. Outdoor dogs should be kept in a backyard that is securely latched and closed. To ensure that your pet stays in the yard, a fence should be installed that is high enough so that the dog cannot easily jump over it. In addition, it should also be deep enough that the dog is unable to dig beneath it and escape. When traveling with pets, they should be secured properly in the vehicle, either by a harness or in a pet carrier. Animal theft is another area of concern when it comes to the security of one's pet. People steal pets for a number of reasons, such as making money from animal fights, reselling them, or keeping them as pets for themselves. To protect one's pet at home, people should never leave them unattended when they are outdoors with the exception of the backyard. When traveling with pets they should never be tied outside of shops or stores or left alone inside of a car or in the bed of a truck. Animals should also be kept on a leash at all times so that they do not run away or wander off. At a minimum, pets should have their collar and tags on at all times however, these are easily removed or lost and may not prove useful when it comes to identifying one's pet. Micro-chipping a pet is a permanent way to find lost pets.


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