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How to Arm Your Home Security System to “Away”

blog-default As you prepare for your summer vacation and run through a summer vacation checklist to prepare for your trip, you will need to do many things to prepare your home for your departure.  While many people remember to take out the trash, empty the refrigerator, and mow the lawn, not everyone remembers to set their home security system to “Away.”  The “Away” setting on your home security system should be used when no one remains in the home.  In the “Away” setting mode, a violation within any zone (sensor monitored area) of the home will trigger an alarm. This video and these helpful steps will help make sure you make sure your home is properly armed in the event you are on vacation or even just at work.  As you exit your home: 1. Make sure everyone has left the house and the system is activated. 2. Press and hold the “Away button” until it beeps. 3. Exit your home within 90 seconds before the beeping stops.  

Upon setting the alarm, you will have 90 seconds to exit your home before the alarm is activated while a beeping countdown begins.  If you have not exited after 90 seconds, your alarm will switch to “Stay” mode.  It is important to make sure you have exited your home within this timeframe.  Make sure arming your home security system stays on your vacation preparation checklist.