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The 4 Coolest Additions to Home Security System Technology

happy_homeowners_01 Keeping your home safe requires a comprehensive approach. Reliable, low-tech tools -- like high quality deadbolt locks -- provide a layer of protection. Simple awareness of safety and security adds another layer. When kids see that Mom and Dad consistently lock doors and arm the home security system when they leave the house, they grow up learning these behaviors. When they're old enough to come and go on their own, it will be easier to make sure they follow household security practices as well. With today's rapidly-advancing pace of technological development, high-tech features are adding significantly to home security system effectiveness. While an array of high-tech devices won't make up for lax practices -- like forgetting to set the home security system or leaving doors unlocked -- they can add greatly to the effectiveness of home safety and security. Here are 4 noteworthy additions to home security technology. 1. Smart Phone Apps. Today, you don't have to carry around a special device for controlling or monitoring your home security system. There are now sophisticated apps for iPhones and Android devices that take care of it. Smart phone apps let you monitor and control your home security system remotely, and some of them even allow control of household functions like thermostat settings in addition to monitoring, arming and disarming your security system. 2. Smart Garage Door Openers. Even the humble garage door opener is getting smarter. Today, you can purchase openers that communicate wirelessly with your home router. Once registered, you can open or close your garage door online or through a smart phone app. It's great for letting workers in and out of your garage when you're away, and can give you useful information, such as how long your door has been open. 3. Advanced Notification Services. Today's home security systems use motion-activated cameras and sensors that can be set up to send text messages when movement is detected. These are great for working parents who want to know their kids got home from school safely. And when an unexpected notification comes in, users can instantly monitor camera footage from their phone or computer. 4. Redundant Connectivity with Homeowners. Monitored home security systems are designed to recognize threats immediately. When a problem is detected, the system first attempts to contact the homeowner via landline. If this is unsuccessful, it "knows" to phone the homeowner's mobile phone. Multiple routes of connectivity increase successful homeowner contacts and decrease the potential for unnecessary calls to emergency services. If you already have a home security system, many of these features are available to you as add-ons. If you do not have a home security system but have considered one, these new technological features make systems more effective and easy to use than ever. Homes that do not have security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes with them, and a majority of burglaries occur during the day. When you can monitor your home security system from wherever you happen to be, you add yet another layer of protection to a comprehensive strategy to keep your home safe and secure.

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