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Top 10 Tools for Homeowners

blog-default We all want our homes to be safe, both for personal safety and financial protection aspects. Everyday emergencies and mishaps happen. We don't all have a neighborhood handyman, and most of us live on a budget. It's important to be able to handle some household maintenance and mishaps on our own. You can help protect your home from daily problems by having a few trusty tools on hand. We have compiled this Top 10 List of the most important tools that every homeowner (man or woman) should have, so everyday emergencies can he handled before accidents occur. 1. Hammer- Hanging pictures, fixing pesky loose floor boards, nailing in deck planks, etc. A hammer is an essential tool for every home. (Nice to Know- If you want to prevent nail slippage, use sandpaper on the hammer head occasionally to rough it up). 2. Screwdrivers- Get a mixed set of varying sizes and heads. Standard and Phillips screwdrivers are important to have. 3. Electrical Tester- Before you go to work on your electrical outlets, you need to make sure that they are off. One wrong move with electricity can be deadly. 4. Safety glasses- It's hard to replace your eyes... 5. Utility Knife-  Make sure it has a retractable blade that can be locked, so that it won't pop out of place while you are cutting. 6. Level- If you want to know if something is perfectly straight, the bubbles on the level will tell you. 7. Adjustable wrench- Loosen bolts, assemble bikes and furniture. You really don't need an entire set, just one good adjustable wrench will do. 8. Measuring tools- Metal ones are the best, especially for tape measures. They are much more sturdy than wood or plastic. 9. Toolbox- If you have spent an hour in frustration searching for the hammer or screwdriver, you will understand the need to have an adequate place to keep your trusty tools. 10. Duct Tape- What 1-9 won't do, duct tape probably will. Do you have any tools that you can't live without?

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