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5 iPhone Apps Your Smart Home May Need

webo-smart-bulb-300x200 Home automation helps to make your life easier, and help to save you money in the long run. Smart home technology can, and really should, be run from your smartphone or tablet. If you aren’t using the product’s apps, you aren’t fully utilizing the technology, and what’s the point of owning technology you never use? Here are five great apps for your iPhone or iPad that work to help make your home smarter.


The HomeSavvy app allows you to customize your home automation to best fit your needs. With the app, you can customize your maintenance schedule and program reminders for certain maintenance tasks. HomeSavvy also provides advice and information on seasonal adjustments and products, gives preventative strategies, connects you with recommended home maintenance and home automation professionals, and much more. In short, HomeSavvy helps make everything to do with your automated home easier to manage and utilize.

SmartThings Mobile

The SmartThings mobile app allows you to monitor your home. It helps you keep track of everything from who is coming and going, to what lights are on or off. The SmartThings app works with smart technology in your home to help provide you with the safest and easiest lifestyle possible. Everything you could want to adjust or monitor is at the tips of your fingers with the SmartThings mobile app.


Created and run by Belkin, WeMo is a series of products and an app that will automate your home. The product plugs into your regular wall outlets, and then you can plug any device into the WeMo plug-in. The app allows you to control the device—and it can be almost any device—via your iPhone through the app. Also, there are WeMo motion sensors that can help you with the security of your home. The app will alert and update you on the status of your home and its devices.


No more worrying about losing your house key. No more worrying about having a key for a visiting friend or family member. Now all you have to do is use your phone. Lockitron is a door lock and app that allows you and anyone else you trust to have keyless entry into your home. If you don’t want a person to have access, you simply don’t allow them to access your door with the app. Lockitron is especially useful if you forget to lock your door or aren’t sure that you did. All you have to do is check your phone. Keeping your home locked and secure has never been easier.


Ever lose your garage door opener or forget your code? With MyDoorOpener you’ll never have to worry about that again. The garage door opener available through MyDoorOpener allows you to fully automate your garage door. You’ll have to install the opener yourself, but once that’s done, all you have to do is download the app, follow the configuration instructions, and you’ll be able to open your garage door with just the swipe of your finger from anywhere.

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