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The Automated Evening: How Emerging Tech Can Help Tuck You in at Night

automated We live in a world where modern security practically tucks us in at night. With newer technologies becoming more and more available (and automated) each day, it’s easy to load up your home with enough protection that will help you get some quality rest knowing you’re safe within your own home. So what does safety look like when you’re inside the home? Today, safety is more about having control over your kingdom, rather than building a fortified gate. Modern security devices give you the ability to put every aspect of your home right into the palm of your hands. When you’re home asleep, you should know exactly when something isn’t right in your home and having that immediate information can allow you to act on whatever may go wrong.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat, like Nest, not only sets your temperature to what you like, learns your patterns, and does so by a smartphone app, but it also reads the temperature inside your home. This means that it can tell when the temperature rises or drops at an alarming rate. If a fire breaks out while you’re asleep, a smart thermostat will be able to detect it immediately and inform you, which can help save your life. If there is a huge decrease in temperature during the winter due to a possible broken window or malfunctioning heating unit, you’ll know immediately so you can take action.

Video Camera

There are a number of camera and motion detecting devices out there that can not only give you live video footage of your home, but also detect movement during the night. Some movement might be normal depending on how big your family is, but if there is an unusual amount of movement at odd times of the day—like midday when everyone’s at work or in school, for example—then you’ll be notified immediately. After all, it could mean the possibility of a break-in and knowing someone is in your home before they get to your valuables can help make a difference.

Smart Locks

Until recently, you could only control who comes in and out of your home by giving out keys. Now, with the modern security addition of smart locks, you’ll know exactly when your home has been unlocked and by whom. Smart lock systems like Goji™ allow you to enter your home simply by having access through a mobile app. You can send access to anyone at any time for any period of time. Goji has a built-in camera that takes a picture of whoever is trying to get into your home and sends it to you. If they don’t have access but you wish to allow them entrance, you can simply unlock the door from your smart phone.

Siren Padlocks

When you have a stand-alone garage or shed, it’s normal to feel a little uneasy about the security of what you store inside. When you turn the lights off inside and go to bed, you want to know that everything you store outside of your home is safe. This is where siren padlocks come in handy. When knocked around without being opened, a loud siren sounds, which will both scare off whoever is trying to get in and notify you that someone is/was trying to get in. In an age when technology is evolving quicker than you can blink, it’s getting easier for homeowners to feel genuinely safe in their homes – especially at night! The thermostats, motion detecting devices, cameras and smart locks have all made homeownership a lot easier and less nerve-wracking. While it isn’t possible to truly know what’s going on all around you, the extra smart home technology can certainly help – and having that consistent stream of information will likely help give you peace of mind.

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