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Home Security CASE STUDY: Sergeant Susie

Posted: March 04, 2016

“Okay, I just came from a war. I do not want to deal with a war in the neighborhood with teenagers.”

In our case study series, Protect Your Home is highlighting the real-life security stories of people just like you who’ve had to deal with the unthinkable — a break-in or face-to-face encounter with a burglar. The participants are all happy customers of Protect Your Home who now relish in the peace of mind that our products and services have provided them in the wake of their security scare. We are sharing these stories not to frighten, but to educate and inform you about the feeling of safety and security that people experience after investing in an alarm system.

Years ago, Sergeant Susan Merlo (Sergeant Susie) began her career of service in the United States armed forces as a cook in the U.S. Navy. In 2005, the single, empty nester started to once again feel that familiar itch to serve her country. With the Iraq War in full swing, Sergeant Susie enlisted in the U.S. Army and was deployed into our country’s longest war.

But when she got back home, she quickly realized that something was different about her neighborhood. Find out what had changed, and why she decided to invest in a home security system from Protect Your Home.

The moment that changed everything

Sergeant Susie returned from the Iraq War to a home that had been broken into, and a neighborhood virtually under siege by rowdy vandals. “Okay, I just came from a war. I do not want to deal with a war in the neighborhood with teenagers,” she thought to herself. That’s when she called Protect Your Home.

“I never really thought that home security systems were even affordable for somebody like me. I really didn’t. I thought it was for upper income people.”

The installation experience

Pleasantly surprised by the low cost of protection, Sergeant Susie was even more gratified when Security Advisor Ben Jefferson showed up to install her system and answer any questions she had.

“He was very knowledgeable. That’s what I liked about him. He was approachable, he was friendly, but also very accurate and knowledgeable,” Sergeant Susie said.   

Ben also hit it off with Sergeant Susie.

“She’s a very nice, sweet lady. I had a good time doing the install,” Ben said.

The outcome

Now that Sergeant Susie is all set up with her alarm system, she now feels more protected than ever. While she’s always been confident in her ability to defend herself and her property while she’s home, it’s when she’s away that she worries most. But thanks to her alarm system from Protect Your Home, her worrying days are over.

“Being a Veteran, protecting freedom is something that I value very deeply — whether it’s yours or mine. Protecting my home is a part of that freedom, whether I’m in it or not. It’s my home. It’s something that I fought to get for a long time. The possessions in it, to be honest with you, mean nothing to me. But it’s the space that I call home that I protect.”

Well said, Sergeant Susie.

See Sergeant Susie’s story in her own words:

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