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Home Security Case Study: Gladys Blair

Posted: March 04, 2016

“If you don’t feel safe in your home, then do something about it.”

In our case study series, Protect Your Home is highlighting the real-life security stories of people just like you who’ve had to deal with the unthinkable — a break-in or face-to-face encounter with a burglar. The participants are all happy customers of Protect Your Home who now relish in the peace of mind that our products and services have provided them in the wake of their security scare. We are sharing these stories not to frighten, but to educate and inform you about the feeling of safety and security that people experience after investing in an alarm system.

Speedway, IN is not only home to the Indy 500, but also Gladys Blair — a fiery senior. Gladys endured a situation that countless other Americans have to face every year — an unnerving encounter with a bold intruder. Find out how she dealt with her uninvited guest and why she chose to invest in a home security system from Protect Your Home.

The moment that changed everything

It had started just like any other day in her sleepy Indianapolis, Indiana suburb. Gladys was home alone going about her day when she noticed a strange man casing her house. Despite the fact that Speedway had just experienced a very heavy snowstorm, the man suspiciously circled her home three times. Feeling uneasy, Gladys grabbed the only protection she had nearby — a baseball bat — and her phone, which she was prepared to use to call the police, if needed. Eventually, the man made his motives known by boldly kicking in one of her windows. But the forced entry didn’t minimize Gladys’ moxie. She met the burglar at the window with a baseball bat and a nasty promise.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Gladys asked the man.

“I’m coming in your house,” he replied.

She said, “Come on, ‘cause you’re going to look a lot worse going out than you are coming in, buddy.”

That dangerous guarantee was all that was needed to stop the crook dead in his tracks. After the man saw the baseball bat and realized that Gladys was on the phone with the cops, he turned and left.

The installation experience

Shortly after that disturbing encounter, Gladys realized that if the intruder hadn’t taken her at her word, she could have been seriously hurt. That wake-up call was all she needed to help her realize that she had to better protect herself. That’s when Gladys called Protect Your Home. When Scott Heinemeyer arrived to install her system, the two hit it off immediately. Seeing that Gladys was feeling a bit unsure about how to work her new home security equipment, Scott patiently explained everything to her — and learned a lot about Mr. Blair, Gladys’ husband — in the process.

The outcome

Gladys’ experience with the intruder was the first time that she ever felt unsafe in her home. But thanks to her security system, she’ll never feel unsafe again.

“If you don’t feel safe in your home, then do something about it,” she said.

Wise words from a wise woman.

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