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3 Things You Can Do To Help Deter Burglars Without Leaving Your Couch

Posted: August 26, 2014

As important as home security is, some people just don’t want to spend the time and effort to help make sure their entire house is secure – going upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside, etc. It isn’t particularly difficult, but it can be time consuming, and heck, maybe a little annoying. Luckily, even if you consider yourself a couch potato, there are plenty of things you can do to help deter crime away from your house that require very little effort. That and you don’t actually have to purchase anything new. Here are the top three fastest and easiest home security tips.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to deter burglars

  1. Lock Everything
  2. Illuminate Your Home
  3. Don’t Be a Showoff
lock your doors

Lock Everything

The more barriers you put between the inside of your house and a burglar, the less likely they are to break in. Even a locked screen door is better than nothing. Believe it or not, many burglaries do happen because the owner of the home simply forgot to lock their doors or windows. Another thing to think about are your valuables. If you keep valuables in boxes or safes, make sure those are locked as well. A thief is usually in a hurry to get in and get out; so if they can’t open a certain container, they might just move on to something else. The more things you keep locked, the better chance a burglar is going to leave you and your home alone.

exterior lighting

Illuminate Your Home

Outdoor lights help make for an easy crime deterrent at night. While motion-sensing lights are by far the best option, simply leaving a porch light on along with the back door or side door lights works very well. Criminals don’t usually like to break down a door or bust out a window if they can be seen. Leaving on an outdoor light is one way to draw attention to them.

Indoor lights can also work to help deter crime. Many criminals are just after your stuff and often don’t want any confrontation. If they think you’re home, they likely won’t break in. Leaving the kitchen or living room light on will help provide the illusion that someone is home even when you’re not. TVs and radios make a good addition to indoor lights, because the sound will help further the illusion that someone is home. Turn them up loud enough to be heard but not so loud that the voices are distinct.

motorcycle cover

Don’t Be a Showoff

You know that nice TV you’re getting next week? Bring it in the back door. That nice motorcycle parked in the garage? Keep the cover on it and the garage locked. It’s simple really: don’t flaunt what you have! If you leave nice possessions in your yard or driveway, or choose to move your new big screen TV in through the front door, you’re letting everyone on the street know what you have in your house. All it takes is one bad person to notice and then you may have a problem. You don’t have to lock your house down like it’s some sort of compound, but putting things away when they aren’t in use is never a bad idea anyway.

For some people, these tactics alone might be perfectly adequate. However, if you feel these tactics aren’t enough for your family, then you might consider investing in a security system for your home. Now, this isn’t to say that security systems are the be-all and end-all of total home security. Locking your doors and turning on your outdoor lights can compliment a home security system. Covering all bases is generally encouraged. Not only will exhausting all your options help keep burglars at bay, but it’ll help give you the peace of mind you and your family deserve!