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4 Things You're Doing That Could Invite Burglars

blog-default Sure, you may have a good home security system installed, but is that all you’re doing to help keep your home and belongings safe? Believe it or not, you may actively do things that invite burglars to scope out your home. Home security systems are good for helping to deter the threat of a home robbery, but what behaviors of yours are unconsciously inviting burglars in? Here’s a list of things you may be doing that you don’t realize are giving a “thumbs-up” to burglars on the prowl.

Leaving Boxes from New Purchases at the Curb

There’s no denying that there’s almost always a motive for a break-in. More often than not, it’s because the burglars have seen something that makes them think your home holds items of value. When you place empty boxes of new valuables at the curb, you may be inviting them in without realizing it. Taking your brand new smart TV box out to the curb a few days before trash day is a free advertisement to burglars that says, “Hey, we’ve got what you’re looking for.” This doesn’t mean you should forego the new TV or sound system, but you should be careful about how you throw large, logo-plastered boxes away. Leave the big boxes inside until trash day. Better yet, take the box apart so the original contents aren’t obvious.

Allow for Window Shopping

It’s generally uncommon to get robbed during the day, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a prime time for burglars to be on the lookout. Leaving your windows and glass doorways open (during the day while you’re out) gives burglars the opportunity to do some serious window shopping. They can look throughout the house to see what kinds of goods you have and even get a good layout of the house to make a plan that will let them make the most of their break-in in a shorter amount of time. The best way to help prevent any window shopping is to keep your blinds shut and curtains closed.

Keep a Dark Property

Burglars thrive in darkness. They wear dark clothes that blend into the night, allowing them to get away unseen. If you’re property isn’t illuminated, these burglars are going to find ample opportunity in a late-night home robbery. Not only do lights help deter burglars from choosing your home, they also make intruders far more visible in the case of a break-in. Make sure to install lighting in key places to help deter burglars. It doesn’t mean you need to have your entire house illuminated, but lights shining on main points of entry and over windows will prove helpful.

Leaving Your Car Outside

If you have a garage, use it. Sometimes garages become more of a storage space than a place to park your cars, but if you’re leaving your car outside, you’re giving burglars a taste of what they can find inside. If you have an old muscle car, a new luxury vehicle, or a sports car, and you’re parking them on your driveway, you’re showing off the types of goods you keep around. Always park your cars in the garage, and make sure all windows are blindfolded to keep potential robbers from getting a sample of the types of items you might have inside your home. Case in point, you don’t want to make yourself look like an “easy target” to intruders. The more guesswork you give to burglars, the less likely they’ll attempt to target your home – especially if there’s a nicer, more expensive-looking home right up the block. After all, If you don’t entice intruders with nice things, what real reason do they have to check out your home?