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Avoid Becoming a Victim of Pickpocketing

Posted: December 17, 2014

In today's modern world, home security systems can help protect your loved ones and possessions while you're away. However, outside of the home, being smart about how you protect your valuables through storage and use are essential to help reduce your chances of being pickpocketed.

Big pockets and zippers are your best friends You can be a target for pickpockets if you store your possessions in a shallow pocket. Not only is the item highly visible, it's also easy to grab. Make sure you always keep your expensive possessions in a big pocket that can comfortably accommodate the product. A zipper would add an extra level of security. Smart phones are one of the most difficult items to secure, due to frequent use and size. Try to limit your usage in public so that you can better keep your device safe. If your pockets are too small to fit your phone comfortably, bring a bag. It doesn't matter how long or short your trip is - pickpockets only require a few seconds to snatch your smart phone and run. If your device isn't well-secured, you might not even notice.

Be aware of your surroundings Another important factor to consider when leaving your home is heightening your sense of awareness. Avoid areas that aren't well-lit or are sparsely populated. Take note if you think that someone's following you and head into a store or restaurant. One technique used by pickpockets is creating a distraction. Corporate Travel Safety pointed out a few of the most common methods used by thieves test. First, there is the bump and lift, where the thief bumps into his or her target and takes the wallet while the mark is distracted. Then there's the bump, grab and slip where pickpockets take advantage of close proximity to marks and slide their wallets out while bumping into them. Finally there's the pressure distraction, which takes advantage of your natural instinct to shy away from physical contact with strangers. In this technique, thieves touch the arm closest to the target's wallet and take it when the victim is distracted and moves the arm. By storing valuables in a zippered pocket, pickpockets have more security measures to bypass. Though a bag can be useful, remember to be attentive and try to keep your bag in the front when you're in a crowded area. Using these techniques will better able to protect your possessions against would-be thieves.