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Bump Keys and the Risk of Burglary

blog-default Bump keys, which are created by locksmiths by whittling down brass until the key itself fits more than one unique, identifying lock, can help professionals quickly make repairs to broken handles and other hardware requiring a key. However, these all-purpose keys can also pose a major security risk to you and your loved ones. With a bump key on hand, burglars can easily gain entry into your home and gain access to your most precious possessions, as well as your family. While finding a bump key that fits your distinctive lock may not be easy, the possibility of this occurring is enough to strike fear into the hearts of homeowners. "Some locks with age become harder to pick," DJ Jacobs, of Richmond Security in Virginia, told America Now News. "Sometimes they become forged, damaged, and rusty springs get damaged, so the bump key becomes easier for us to get the lock open." If you want to keep your home safe from the potential of entrance through use of bump keys, there are a few important steps that you can take to safeguard your belongings. Many experts recommend investing in more effective locks. "Not all locks can be bumped; consumers just need to know the difference," Clyde Roberson, technical director at Medeco Security Locks, told Consumer Reports. "Consumers should consider using quality high-security locks for their home or business in order to have adequate protection from bumping and other forms of lock attack." Medeco Security Locks serves as a consultant firm for the National Crime Prevention Council, which urges Americans to only install high-quality locks into doorways that act as points of entry.