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Catching a Criminal: Home Security Systems Save the Day

blog-default Criminals tripping burglar alarms and being promptly arrested are a staple of crime dramas. But does it happen in real life? Thankfully, it does. In some cases, home security systems not only lead to an arrest for that particular break-in, but solve strings of burglaries and put an end to theft rings. Here are five cases from around the U.S. 1. Heroin Addicts Arrested in Bainbridge Island, Washington On October 4, 2012, police in Bainbridge Island, Washington arrested Andrew Charles Benton and Bryson Carl Butler for involvement in a rash of Kitsap County burglaries. The men and their vehicle were captured on a security camera in a Bainbridge Island home as they broke in and left with stolen items. Police were able to get a partial license plate reading from the footage, and that led to the arrest two days later. In addition to being linked to other burglaries in the area, Mr. Benton already had a felony conviction on his record and was in illegal possession of a gun. Both suspects admitted to being heroin users, and officers confiscated seven hypodermic needles with heroin in them. 2. Redwood City, California Suspect with Warrants Arrested A burglar was captured on home security video on August 30, 2012 at a home in Redwood City. The man was seen ringing a doorbell at around 1 p.m. and entering the home through a sliding glass door. After releasing the surveillance video footage to the public, someone recognized the man as a 22-year-old from Menlo Park. The man, Ludwig Garcia-Amaya, a parolee with an outstanding warrant, was arrested and booked into the San Mateo County Jail. He is also suspected in other area burglaries. 3. Columbus, Indiana False Alarm Leads to Arrest In Columbus, Indiana, police responded to a home security alarm October 18, 2012 and discovered two things: one, it was a false alarm; and two, the person who answered the door happened to be a wanted man. Scott E. Bryant was wanted on a warrant for failing to pay rent and was staying as a house guest in the home with the alarm that went off. He was arrested and found in possession of drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of marijuana. 4. Norfolk, Nebraska: Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent Burglar alarms lead to arrests in small-town America too. Police in Norfolk, Nebraska, a city of around 24,000, investigated an alarm one night in early January of this year and discovered a man fleeing the location. Madison County sheriff's deputies stopped the car he was reported fleeing in and arrested Norfolk resident Johnny Najera III. Though the building with the alarm had no signs of forced entry, Najera was found in possession of a concealed knife, drug paraphernalia, a small quantity of marijuana, and enough methamphetamine to be charged with possession with intent to deliver. 5. Boca Raton: Motion Detector Results in Quick Arrest In late November of 2011, police managed to arrest four men who were suspected of being involved with multiple burglaries in and around Boca Raton, Florida … all in one day! One of those men, Yves Gissomme, was captured as a result of a burglar alarm. Local police were alerted by a motion sensor that was triggered in a home. They found Gissomme in the area and arrested him after questioning, ending a string of thefts that had been troubling area residents. Gissomme was booked and held on $15,000 bond. His arrest came just two hours after the arrest of three other men suspected in other nearby robberies. What examples do you have of a home security system saving the day?