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The Burglary Hot Season: How to Prevent Summer Break-Ins

file5601278513512 As you and your family are focused on the end of the school year, the momentary panic of having the kids at home, and the sigh of relief that comes with shipping them off to summer camp for a few weeks, burglars may be planning to inconvenience you ever so slightly by ransacking your home. Statistically, the summer months are primetime for these pillaging perpetrators. While you are away from your home, travelling, playing outside, and soaking up all of those UV rays, burglars may take this opportunity to invite themselves in and escape with your belongings. But, there are more components than your mere absence that lead to higher number of break-ins during the summer. Here are some more reasons why burglars are more likely to intrude upon your residence during the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  

Open Season

With your kids at home for the summer, you may be less inclined to keep your doors locked, as they will likely be running in and out, alternating between playing outside and occupying themselves inside. However, having a lax attitude toward basic security, such as locking your doors consistently, is exactly what burglars are counting on. Fact: Many break-ins involve no “breaking” at all; for the most part, burglars identify an unsecured door or window and let themselves in. Fix it: Lock your doors. Do this each time someone enters or exits the house. It may be annoying to constantly lock and unlock doors, but your mild annoyance is probably preferable to being burglarized.

From Dawn till Dusk

One of the finest perks of summertime is the excess daylight we’re afforded. Crafty burglars will take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine to case your home and orchestrate an intrusion. Additional sunshine when your work day is done, may inspire you to enjoy outdoor activities, providing burglars with ample time to break in and pilfer your possessions. Fact: Some may assume burglars prefer to operate under the cover of darkness; on the contrary, many burglaries take place during daytime hours while you’re at work. Fix it: Investing in a home security system can add an extra layer of protection when you’re away from your home. Burglars are often deterred from targeting a home when there are telltale signs of this sophisticated form of protect.

The Sound of Music (or of air conditioners and laughing children)

Summer is probably the noisiest season in your neighborhood. Between everyone running their raucous air conditioners, and children running around, playing, and laughing, the cover of distracting noise provides potential intruders with an extra layer of concealment. Fact: In addition to excess noise, the excitement of having neighbors and friends floating in and out of your house causes a great diversion that burglars will take advantage of. Fix it: This one’s a little difficult, as you don’t want to swelter in a hot house or forbid your kids from making any noise, so your best bet is to incorporate all of the above tips. Make sure all of your doors and windows are locked, arm your home with a monitored security system, and keep an ear out for any suspicious, non-child or HVAC-related noises. Do all of this and, despite the concealing noise of summer activity, burglars still will have trouble entering your home.