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Invisible Security: Catching Criminals Red-Handed

blog-default Many people enjoy the safety that security cameras and alarm systems provide for them, but they don't usually like to look at the systems on the wall. While hiding your security technology won’t deter crime, it may actually give you a better shot at catching the criminals. Hiding security systems and cameras is a common practice, and it allows you to have ultimate control of your home.

Reasons to Hide Your Systems

If you’re considering installing hidden cameras and other hidden security technology, you likely have a reason for doing so already. However, if you’re on the fence about hiding cameras and security technology, you may not know all of the benefits of and reasons for doing so.
  • Keep an Eye on the House

If you have smart security technology hidden in your home, you can keep an eye on what’s happening in your home via your smartphone. This includes intruders, hired house help, family, your kid’s friends, pets, and more.
  • Catch Intruders in the Act

While your alarm system will alert the proper authorities in the event of a break-in, hidden security cameras can help you to  see how the intruders entered your home what they took, and what they looked like. Catching them in the act may allow you to get your possessions back sooner and can help to deter future crime.
  • Catch What Your Alarm System Can't

If someone breaks into your home, your alarm system handles it; but what about thieves who are invited in? When you host parties or have gatherings, hidden security cameras and other technology can help give you peace of mind that whatever is happening in your home will be well-documented. These options can often be accessed through your smartphone, so you can even monitor them on the fly.

How to Get Your Security Systems Out of View

Deciding to use hidden security technology is one thing but actually doing it is another. You have to find the right cameras and security systems. Not every security system is easily concealable. Do plenty of research before you purchase anything as there are many systems out there to choose from. You may even want to talk to your security company representative before you actually purchase any products. The representative will be able to discuss where certain technology should be placed in your home.

Using a Silent Alarm

While many people prefer loud alarms to scare off criminals, sometimes they're not effective. It might be better to actually have a silent alarm and allow a criminal to take his or her time. Theoretically, this will give police ample time to arrive on the scene and maybe catch the criminal in the act. Silent alarms are not going to be as effective if you have other obvious or easily seen security measures; but if you try to keep everything uniform, you'll have the most success with your system. There are many different ways for you to slyly place surveillance devices in different parts of your home. Inconspicuous monitoring devices don’t have the “scare factor” that loud alarm systems do, but they can be an outstanding tool for crime prevention. Even though no one can be entirely sure of when a criminal will show up, security devices can help you identify faces, clothing and behavioral patterns. That footage can then be used as evidence for law enforcers. In the end, it’s never a bad idea to research all of your options.