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Is Your Home a Target for Potential Burglars?


From an unkempt lawn to packages that seem to pile up in perpetuity outside your front gates, did you realize that signs of neglect around your property can be attractive to prospective intruders, because it lends the impression that your home is not well cared for? If you're concerned about your dwelling becoming a target for potential burglars and you're eager to put an end to bad habits, these informative tips can be of great assistance. Above all, understanding what could make your home an ideal choice for intruders can prevent other issues from emerging. Here are some home security tips to make sure burglars know your home is not to be targeted.  

Work on gardening

Have wayward weeds and willowy blades of grass crept up and claimed your front lawn for their own? If so, this can practically encourage home intruders to make what they will of your property and your dwelling. While gardening certainly is not easy, taking time to mow the lawn, trim hedges, and take a weed whacker to stubborn stalks can be an essential part of responsible home ownership. Additionally, your neighbors are sure to appreciate the care you put into your exterior because it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your neighborhood as a whole.  

Develop a system for collecting mail

While people are increasingly going paperless with their bills, many associate the regular mail with credit cards and student loans, not to mention junk mail. As a result, it's not uncommon for these parcels to pile up in droves outside one’s doorstep or patio. Yet, similar to your lawn, if you neglect this and let mail accrue, it can make you a target for enterprising thieves.  

Invest in security alarms

There's one device that is sure to effectively deter prospective thieves and force them to think twice about entering your home unsolicited: an ADT monitored security system. With a security alarm, you gain round-the-clock coverage and won’t need to worry about the potential impact of intruders. Spotting the ADT logo on the exterior of your home will send a clear message that your home is protected.