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Q&A: Can a Burglar Unplug My Wireless Security System?


Homeowners all over the country have discovered the peace of mind that comes with installing their own home security systems and one device that has emerged in recent years is a wireless system. These products can be customized with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors but typically use security cameras and sensors that will allow users to monitor their homes while they're away. Additionally, they're just as effective as full-scale open-circuit and closed-circuit setups. They also offer a degree of customization to suit each homeowner’s protection needs. But could this possibly leave their systems open to tampering from burglars?

Wireless Home Security

Wireless home security systems are more complicated to disable than those that use built-in circuitry. Cutting a small cord could disable the entire system in an open- or closed-circuit system, and even disabling the keypad could buy an intruder additional time to make off with a homeowner's belongings. Additionally, wireless alarm systems are far more discreet and versatile than wired designs, so homeowners can continue to add equipment to their setups as they see fit.

wired home security

Wired Home Security

Traditional systems can be a hassle to update with modern technology, additional cameras or glass breakage sensors, so homeowner and businesses who are consistently looking to protect their structures with cutting edge surveillance have far more freedom to do so with a wireless system. The key is to invest in a system that is made with built-in cellular technology. This technology is actually safer than traditional alarm systems, as there are no wires that can be tampered with or power grids to disable. Even if a burglar can completely cut off power to a home or damage some of the equipment, users will still be able to receive a signal from the system and respond to a fluid situation as needed.

security and smart devices

Smart Devices and Home Security

Additionally, these systems can be synced with a homeowner's smartphone and they can receive consistent updates and check in on their abodes whenever they desire to ensure that their home is free of potentially dangerous situations. With its modest pricing, ability to work in a wide variety of private and commercial settings, a wireless system is a fabulous choice for homeowners and working professionals looking for a safe and secure solution for their protection needs.