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Recent carjacking shows importance of safety precautions

blog-default A recent carjacking showed that home security is not the only type of security people need to be concerned about. Earlier this week, a woman was approaching her car when a male threatened her with a sharp object and ordered her to drive. Though the woman's pocketbook and car were stolen, she was able to escape physically unharmed. Be safe while driving Carjackings can allow thieves to get away quickly and leave victims without a viable mode of transportation, depending on location. The New Orleans Police Department issued a carjacking precaution guide, which included tips such as remaining alert when driving and leaving valuables such as pocketbooks on the floor, rather than on seats, to minimize visibility. The group pointed out that in the event of a minor accident, signal the other driver to follow you and make your way to the nearest police or fire station before exiting your vehicle. It was advised to keep windows up and doors locked when conversing with an individual outside the car. Additionally, you should be ready to drive away quickly if necessary. In relation, you should leave enough distance between your vehicle and the one in front when stopped, in order to have sufficient room to turn the car and drive away. Practice caution outside your vehicle It's important to avoid less populated areas, especially at night, since these can be target areas for carjackers. You'll want to exercise this caution when parking, as well. Try to park in front of the doors, rather than in a spot around the corner, where you won't be able to view your vehicle immediately. The corner provides coverage for a carjacker. Additionally, you want to have your car keys ready before approaching your vehicle. This will cut down on the time spent outside your car, giving carjackers less time to approach you. You should also consider asking someone to walk to your vehicle with you, especially at night or in quieter areas. If you're confronted by a carjacker outside your vehicle, give into demands to hand over your possessions. However, avoid getting into the vehicle, as the incident can escalate into a hostage situation if you comply. In these events, it's important to remain calm and mentally note the carjacker's features. Break away from the confrontation and run from the area as quickly as possible. Reach out to authorities and provide a detailed description of the carjacker.   Sources: http://wbsm.com/new-bedford-unharmed-in-carjacking/ http://www.newbedfordguide.com/carjacking-new-bedford/2013/12/11 http://www.lapdonline.org/crime_prevention/content_basic_view/1368 http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2013/06/nopd_crime_prevention_how_to_a.html