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Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program


Whether you live in an area impacted by high crime rates or you're simply eager to keep your neighborhood protected against the threat of break-ins, a community watch program will help ensure that the environment is secure. What does it take to develop a successful neighborhood watch program? With these helpful pointers, you will learn how to get one started in your neighborhood and be one step closer to preserving the safety of your community.   Reaching out to neighbors Many of your neighbors likely have their homes protected by security systems like those offered. However as a community, collaborating to start a neighborhood watch is essential for a more harmonious environment with less of a threat of break-ins. If you're unsure of how to approach your neighbors, consider making flyers or asking a close friend in the community for help.   What duties are involved? Primarily, most organizations devoted to reducing crime and improving security in residential areas start by identifying recurring problems. A community watch group serves as a resource for areas that are threatened with break-ins. The group can identify suspicious activities by patrolling the area on a regular basis and foster deeper relationships within the neighborhood.   Involving law enforcement If you want a structured, legitimate group, consider involving a professional law enforcement officer. Many police departments - particularly those in suburban areas - are eager to work with the community to improve the safety of your neighborhood. Additionally, community groups can serve as the eyes and ears of the police department when an officer is not around. Further, a law enforcement agency can provide official crime statistics and risks in your area.   Planning your first meeting After recruiting volunteers for the neighborhood watch, plan an event that teaches the group more about the overarching mission of the program. If you've chosen to include a police officer in your neighborhood watch, allow him or her to say a few words about the importance of safety and taking precautions.