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What to Do in a Confrontation with a Burglar


Earlier this week, a man was wanted in connection with a series of car thefts. He was recently arrested after police responded to a suspected burglary call and found him asleep in the home. Though home security is common practice, there are still instances where thieves are able to gain access into a residence. Having possessions stolen from a home can be devastating, but catching a burglar in the act can escalate if not handled properly. 

Comply and let go of material possessions It's important to educate yourself and loved ones on the proper procedure should a confrontation with a burglar occur. Most importantly, be ready and willing to let go of any material possessions they may ask for. Regardless of the sentimentality or price tag attached to it, it's not worth a life. If they demand the phone or wallet, hand those over as well. The goal is to wind up unscathed.

Don't be a hero Home burglaries can be more emotionally traumatic for victims than street robberies and may promote a stronger natural defensive mentality. Don't let this get in the way of being reasonable. Treat the space as a neutral location, especially if the burglar is armed. It may not be their property, but they currently have the upper hand and won't be willing to give it up. When confronting a burglar, refrain from attacking the thief or trying to get ahold of the weapon. They're aware of the potential consequences and are likely prepared for it. 

Speed it up Get the intruder out of the home as soon as possible by giving them whatever items they ask for. The greater the amount of time they're in the home, the longer it's going to take before police are contacted. Don't compromise your personal safety by agreeing to go anywhere with the thief. Burglars are aware of the growing dangers as they continue to linger and may grow more hostile if the exchange takes a lot of time. It's likely that they want a quick out, so give it to them.

Contact the officials As soon as the danger has passed, contact officials. Consider going to a neighbor's home, which will be a more comforting place to hunker down while waiting for police to arrive. It's important to be observant during the confrontation to provide law enforcers with the best description of the thief. Home robberies may be prevented with good home security, but families should always prepare for confrontation so loved ones will be safe.