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Burglary and Crime

Being a homeowner is an exciting and joyous experience. You and your family have a space to call your own, you can decorate it exactly how you’d like, and over the years, it will be filled with family, friends, and celebrations. However, criminals don’t see your home this way, they see it as a target, and without the proper security system or the knowledge on how to help prevent residential crime, you and your family could be potential victims. Security systems are the obvious method to combat criminal activity, however, there are other things you and your family should know and be aware of when it comes to burglary and crime. From how to leave your home when you’re on vacation to different devices and appliances that can help keep your home safer, there are an abundance of precautions you can take to ensure your home is as protected as possible. Beyond knowing what products and systems are out there to keep your family safe, it’s important to understand why and how your home is more of a target than others and the simple tactics you can use to make your property less appealing to criminals and thieves—and ADT home security professionals can help.

When you read about numerous cases of home burglary, common themes emerge. First, everyone should take home security seriously. Even if you don't own many valuables, you could lose something with great sentimental value, or find yourself facing an intruder in your own home. Another important theme ...

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Most Commonly Stolen Items in Tennessee Do you regularly leave your iPad on the coffee table? Is your expensive jewelry strewn across the bedroom vanity? These and other habits may be luring home burglars to your doorstep with the convenience of an easy theft. From Hendersonville to Mu...

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