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Benefits of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Posted: March 31, 2014

Likely you’ve prepared for large-scale emergencies to keep your family safe at home. However, the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is often overlooked. Exposure to carbon monoxide puts you and your family at great risk that is potentially fatal. Often, CO inhalation happens before you realize something is amiss. By installing CO detectors around your home, you will be alerted of CO in the air. Consider these home security tips to educate yourself on the best placement and usage of detectors.

What are the benefits of carbon monoxide detectors?

CO detectors are the best way to keep you and your family from inhaling the poisonous gas since the toxin is invisible and odorless emitted through appliances found in your kitchen. Detectors, particularly those with electrochemical sensing technology, will notify you if CO levels in your home have risen to threatening heights. CO detectors are relatively insulated from fluctuations in temperature, so increases in humidity or climate won't trigger a false alarm. With a state-of-the-art system, the device will not be affected by common household gases like ammonia, which older models may mistakenly identify as CO.

Power sources of devices

How are CO detectors powered? Many rely on battery power, which makes them easy to use and install. Lithium-powered batteries are typically the most effective for CO detectors. Homeowners who are skilled with electrical installations may consider hardwired models that are powered directly from a home's electrical source. Devices that use both a battery and hardwiring may be the most effective way to power a CO detector, as the device will seldom run out of electricity.

Placement around homes

Once you've chosen the right CO detector for your home, you must consider where to place the devices. Placing them on the ceiling of your kitchen is a natural choice, but experts recommend you place them away from stoves to prevent smoke from triggering the detectors. Placing devices in each bedroom will help ensure that your loved ones always have some measure of security. In a multi-level house, consider placing devices at the tops of stairways and in the garage.