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6 Unexpected Benefits of Security Cameras

Posted: April 07, 2016

Once prohibitively expensive, security cameras have become a common component of today’s home security systems. While early camera systems were only operational via a full-scale CCTV system, the latest cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be made operational in virtually any room in your home.

From a home security standpoint, the enhanced protection that a security camera provides is immense. Because burglars don’t want to leave behind evidence of their crimes, the mere presence of a camera is sometimes enough to scare them off. And in the event that a burglar isn’t instantly discouraged by your security camera and decides to break in anyway, you now have a clear picture of the intruder, and this can help police track him down.

But security cameras are useful for more than just catching burglars in the act. Check out these 6 unexpected benefits of home security cameras.

Catch bad people YOU let in your home.

We know, we know — you don’t mix and mingle with common criminals, so you don’t need to watch your friends, right? But often, the people who end up causing us the most harm are the people we blindly trust. And in the rare event that the “angel” friend you deemed trustworthy turns out to be the devil incarnate, at least you’ll have video proof of his sins to share with the cops.

Further lower home insurance premiums.

Any added precaution that you take to help protect your property has the potential to lower your home insurance. Installing a home security system can reduce your insurance rates. And depending on your insurance provider, the addition of security cameras may lower your premium even further. 

Monitoring infants.

Young babies are notoriously temperamental and hard to lull to sleep. And once you finally manage to get them resting peacefully, the last thing you want to do is accidentally wake them up and be forced to repeat the ritual of putting baby to sleep all over again. Often, when parents go tiptoeing into a newborn’s room to check on them, they accidentally wake them. But with a security camera, you can peak in on baby as often as you’d like without disturbing him.

Watch kids from inside the house while they’re in the backyard.

With the warm summer months fast approaching, your kids will undoubtedly want to take full advantage of the warmer weather and play outside. The only potential downside to their summer fun is that you’re typically forced to stay outside with them. But with a security camera set-up, you can relax in the house while the kids take a dip in the pool out back — and keep an eye on them the entire time. 

Keep employees honest.

If you have a professional dog walker, nanny, maintenance contractor or other service provider entering your home regularly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an extra set of eyes on them via a home security system.

Watch for sketchy characters casing your home.

Exterior security cameras give your home something it’s never had before — eyes. Even when you’re not around, you can clearly see who approaches your home and when. And if you notice a pattern with any particular individual casing your home, you can take appropriate steps to further help protect yourself.

Security cameras will not only help you avoid the expected danger of an intruder, but also the less obvious dangers that may lurk around your home at any given time. Today’s advanced systems allow for real-time camera surveillance of your home, even when you’re not around — right from your smartphone.

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